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Summer's not over yet!  There's still time to visit new parks and have new adventures before sending the littles back to school!  Why not try Fitts Park, in South Salt Lake?  I visited this park a few days ago with my kids, and we LOVED it!  

First of all, who out there has heard of South Salt Lake?  Did you know it's its own city, separate from Salt Lake City?  Fun fact #1.  South Salt Lake also used to be called Central Park, a long, long time ago, when it was first established as a town.  Fun fact #2 (thanks, Wikipedia). 

Back to Fitts Park.  Established in 1982, and named after Robert Fitts, the City of South Salt Lake's first town president (president, not mayor - again, thanks Wikipedia), this is an awesome park.  A river runs through it, providing a habitat for flocks of ducks. 

Tall shade trees give a great feel to the park, and the park is chock-full of pavilions and picnic tables.  But these aren't even the greatest features.  The playground is AMAZING!  Or should I say, the playgrounds, because Fitts Park boasts three separate playgrounds. 

The two biggest playgrounds are shaded by colorful canopies, allowing for shady play even on the hottest summer days.  The smallest playground is great for younger kids, but unfortunately, it's not shaded.  Anyway, let's just say, my kids wanted to play all night long.  They didn't want to leave!

If it wasn't for the "Cool Summer Nights" event we had planned on attending, I don't think I could have pulled my kids away from the playground.  South Salt Lake hosts its "Cool Summer Nights" events at Fitts Park.  My husband and I took the kids to the most recent event.  We watched the movie The Sandlot on an outdoor screen.  The kids loved it!  The event organizers provided free popcorn and s'mores materials, which was really nice. 

Before the movie started, event organizers also provided a number of fun activities for the kids, and hosted one or two food trucks for hungry movie-goers.  The event was really well planned, and I was surprised at how few people attended.  I actually loved that the movie wasn't too crowded.  My family and I had a great time and will return for future events!  And we'll definitely be visiting Fitts Park soon for more play time!

6 am - 10 pm
Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • ADA accessible
  • Bring duck food to feed the plentiful ducks.
  • ​Bring your dog, if you feel so inclined.  Fitts Park is a dog-friendly park (dogs on leashes).

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