Fishing near Fairview

One of the hidden gems about Fairview, is that it’s close to ALLLLLL the fishing spots. Except for all the people catching fish, wasn't us. So we don't actually have any photos of us catching fish...but others were. Ha.

You can ATV and sometimes drive to each of the different lakes. We fished one day at Huntington Reservoir, with no luck. We brought some shade (similar) and let the kids wade and play in the water for hours while we fished. My husband and brother in law went out riding all around the mountains.

The other super cool thing about Huntington Reservoir is that is next to where they found some Mammoth bones! Sadly, there are no bones left, but I think it’s a super cool find! You can however see the replicated bones at the Fairview Museum in town. Honestly, it’s so cool that they found the bones, I just wish they had made some fake ones just for show in the field. Right now, it’s just some signs and information, which is cool, but still, fake bones would make it so much cooler.

One slightly scary thing was that there was a wild fire that was only 15 miles away. It was CRAZY how close it was, the smoke was just billowing.

My sisters ended up staying and fishing while we heading back to go swimming. We should have stayed, because my sisters caught quite a few fish at Miller’s Flat.

After a quick swim and hobo dinner, we headed back up the mountain to fish at Electric Lake (again no luck and I didn't take photos) but we don’t give up easily.

This lake Gooseberry, was one of the prettiest places we fished.

My crazy, pregnant sister decided to take her SUP board to go fishing. She lasted about an hour before coming in. There a storm coming in and the wind kept pushing her to the shore.

Somehow we managed once again, not to catch a fish.

But we are still all smiles. I wish we could have spent more time fishing here, but a storm was coming in and it was getting late.

Orion was kind enough to take some photos of the moment for me.

Funny story, somehow we managed to mix up car keys (multiple times.) This time it resulted in my husband unloading the 4 wheeler after just tying it all down, driving like a maniac after my sister (no cell service) and hoping they didn't get on the main high ways, all while it was raining like crazy! Don't worry, he got the keys.

The storm only lasted as long as he was on the 4 wheeler. We left Gooseberry with this awesome double rainbow following us out.

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Places we fished on this trip.

  • Miller Flat
  • Potters Ponds
  • Huntington
  • Electric Lake
  • Gooseberry

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