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Summer's in full swing, which means PARKS! You'll probably being seeing less indoor posts from us, we love to soak up the sun as much as possible, so be prepared for lots of park time and free fun. 

Park time = Free Fun.

We're also going to be featuring some of The Salt Project's must have items for summa! Today we've got one of Melinda's favorite parks in Bountiful. She used to come here on date nights with her husband. Melinda would play tennis with her husband while the kids would play at the park. What makes this park super cool is there is only way way out of the park. On the south side there are tennis courts, north side have bathrooms and on the west side is the picnic tables, bowery and playground. Right in the middle is the only way out, which you can see from almost any point in the park. If you are a regular park goer, you know this is important for keeping track of the kids.

Right in the middle is a small patch of grass that's the perfect place to have a little picnic and some snacks. Some of my favorite snacks for on the go are these re-usable food pouches called Squooshi.  Even though my kids eat solid foods, I still pack around applesauce or green smoothies inside the Squooshi pouches.

Since having kids, I always keep a blanket in both cars. For the winter in case we break down and in the summer for picnicking. I've thrifted a bunch of these Mexican Blankets but you can also get them here.  

Also, let's talk about this super cute dress I got from a local shop called Twirl. If you are in Bountiful, drive through Main Street and stop by their shop!

Little Ellis is wearing a romper from SophiaMBoutique.

Little Ellis loves her Trader Joe's Inner Peas, Stephanie always seems to have a bag wherever she goes. Plus, these cheese sticks. 

The kids love the park, so many different ways to run up and down, all in the shape of a fire truck. 

The tennis court was really nice. We brought some bocce balls, tennis racquets, tennis balls and basically locked the kids inside. Not really locked, but contained.

It is a smaller park, but it really is such a nice park to keep 14 kids contained!

We'd love to hear about your favorite park. Or if you want to write up a post and send in photos, we'd love to feature you!

Beehive Bakery (CLOSED 2019) ;0(

463 S Main St, Bountiful, UT 84010
(801) 668-1470

This little shop is owned by a husband-wife team and their little lady. 

They were recommended by YOU as a place to visit in Bountiful. 

So we decided to check them out.

A quaint little lunch spot complete with miss-matched tables and a play area for their daughter. 

Just what you would expect from a little ma and pa shop.

We tried the sandwich and salad combo, pesto panini and turkey BLT. And a couple of sweet treats after the kids finished there pb&js.

The tres leche and chocolate brownies covered in caramel, yum, how can you go wrong with homemade.

Totally hit the spot.

The prices were spot on ($1.79 for kids meal) and the food was fresh and delicious.

And you really can't beat the family-owned, small biz customer service. Especially when a one-year-old hands your receipt (insert melting heart emoticon).

Entrance Fee(s)
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