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Somehow, I missed taking a picture of the actual sign, but here's the own right before "Beus Canyon Trail." This trail is actually part of many trails leading to other trails like the top of Mount Ogden or the Bonneville Shoreline. Trappers and traders used to hike this very canyon back in the day.

Honestly, I wasn't feeling up to a hike that day, it's been SO hot right?! But my sister said that Beus Canyon Trail was a shady, easy hike. So I figured it was worth trying it at least once. We started around 9 am, so it wasn't quite so hot yet.

I'd say about 60% of the hike was shaded.

There were many places along the trail for the kids to get into the river. I couldn't find the name of the river, I think it's more of a spring run-off. It never got very wide or fast.

It did get muddy in some places. Orion had to find the muddy spots.

The trail was fairly easy, there were just maybe 2 or 3 easy switchbacks. I say easy because our 3 toddlers (3, 3, 2) were able to hike the whole way up the hike.

Lots of shade.

My sister Hali's puppy got a little tired though. Apparently, Ergobaby's were made for pups too.

Finding the Trail Fairy

Our friend Amber has this brilliant trick up her sleeve. I was complaining slightly about how Aiko (3) is at that age where she doesn't always want to ride in her pack, doesn't walk fast, and I don't have the patience to walk her slow pace. I mean, I came TO Hike right?!

Well, Amber has this gal called the Trail Fairy, who helps little kids along the way be leaving snacks for them along the trail. Pearl (3) has told us the fairy has wings and watches us while we hike. The Trail Fairy would drop off snacks and Amber would help the kids find where the snacks were (usually up the trail a ways.) Each time we heard the Trail Fairy stopped, all the littles would run up the trail with new energy excited for the tiny treat!

For a food driven child like my Aiko, this was a stroke of genius! She hiked all the way up and about 95% of the way down before exhaustion took her little dramatic self.

We also found wild raspberries (actually really called thimbleberries.) all along the trail. (Don't eat berries unless you ABSOLUTELY know what kind they are.)

I wish I had the skills to make whistles out of the snake grass, but I've never been successful, anyone have any tips?

Trail Fairy has struck again! All the littles were super nice about passing out the bounty.

This marker is .5 miles up the trail.

We stopped at this bridge and let the kids play in the water and eat more raspberries.

We probably hiked around one mile up before deciding to head back down. I was super proud of my tiny toddlers.

Hali's pup couldn't take it anymore. She slept a good while, but when Naga woke up, Hali was very sorry those puppy claw were moving so much.

Little Orion was pooped and very dirty. All the kids were. It was the perfect little toddler hike, especially since the Trail Fairy made it extra special. Thanks for the idea Amber! We've actually used it on another hike since then.

Have you hikes Beus Canyon Trail? Have you done the WHOLE 11 miles (or however long it is? I've seen a few different lengths.) Luckily, the first mile at least is pretty easy for toddlers and kids. Don't forget about your fur buddies too.

#thesaltproject on your hikes!

Helpful Tips
  • No bathrooms
  • Parking Lot (Hide your valuables.)
  • Signage at the beginning to help guide
  • Shady
  • Spots along the stream to play in
  • Bring Mosquito Repellant (I only noticed by the water.)
  • Toddler Friendly
  • Dogs Allowed
  • Horses Allowed
  • It's actually part of this hike. We did the toddler version.
  • Watch out for Mountain Bikers
  • We heard about wildflowers, but they were gone by the time we got there.

Carly wood Tue, 07/26/2016 - 09:01

Those are actually thimbleberries, not raspberries. Super delicious!

harm Tue, 07/26/2016 - 11:10

In reply to by Carly wood

Ha! Thanks! Apparently I should do some more research, I thought it was weird that the leaves were all different. I've updated it. Thanks!

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