Fifths Hot Springs - HIKING GUIDE

I have wanted to do this hike forever but you know how it is, so many kids, and so little time. I didn't feel like I could take 5 kids alone when I didn't really know what I was in for. I swear, all the hiking blogs that I read just don't give enough details. I need to know if I can make it carrying a 2 year old, and if my 5 year old can make it on her own.

So when I told my friend Molly that I wanted to do this hike, we set a date and she didn't let me back out. We woke up before the sun came up so we would have time to make the drive, hike, and get home at a decent hour. We decided to take our oldest boys with us and we had the best time!

I love exploring new places, and exploring with friends is even better.

Getting here at the crack of dawn had it's benefits. We were able to get some great photos before all the campers and other hikers joined us in the pools.

The Spanish Fork Canyon is so beautiful! I haven't explored it very much, so it was fun to take this drive and go explore a new place.

There are two parking lots. It the trial head it full, you can drive down the road a bit and park at the camp ground and walk up. It's about a half mile.


This is the trail head. There is an outhouse and parking lot.

The trail was fairly easy. My 5 year old would have no problem. It is a 4.5 mile out and back hike, but It felt much shorter because it is quite flat for the most part.




I was surprised how red the dirt was. It looked like we were in southern Utah.



We made it! You can start to smell the sulfur, thats when you know you are close. 

The water had such a high mineral content that it turned my silver bracelet and ring into a rainbow of colors. They stayed colored for about a week afterward.

At the end of the pools, there is an awesome waterfall! It was such a cool area to explore.

This is a rock used as a plug to fill the pool. We bumped it and were soon sitting in a small puddle of water and couldn't figure out where the water went. We moved the rock back and it quickly filled up again.


We went on the most beautiful day. We had the place to ourselves for at least 30 minutes before campers and hikers joined us.

All of the pools are different temperatures, so we walked around to test each one.

Snack break, and ready to head back down the trail.

We went over a bridge on our way back to the parking lot, and found this awesome teepee.

We may or may not have taken a wrong turn when we were exploring the other side of the river. We all made it out alive, barely. Stay on the main trail and you will be fine.




Helpful Tips

Length 4.5 mi out and back trail. Took us about 1 hr to reach the springs from the parking lot. 3 hrs total RT including soaking in the springs.

Elevation gain 636 ft

Dogs allowed

Bathrooms available

Parking at trail head & .5 mile down the road at a campsite

Take a towel, swimsuit, sunscreen, water, snacks

PLEASE pack out what you pack in. 

Lets keep this place beautiful for generations.

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