The Fernwood Castle - Layton

Did you know there is an actual castle in Davis County? Growing up in this area, I have memories of seeing the castle on the hill for most of my life. You can get a great view from Antelope Drive in Layton. It aligns perfectly with the Castle on the hill.  

When I was a kid, the owner would give out king size candy bars! My mom wouldn't drive me up there to get one, so sadly i've never been inside the castle, but my husband has! He went inside in high school, he was able to stand in the massive foyer. 

I pulled this photo from the internet for a better shot. The trees are so big now that you can barely see the castle when up close. When hiking Fernwood, you can actually hike right up behind the property line and see the incredible grounds from up on the hill behind it. That hike will lead you HERE, to a creepy cabin in the woods.

If you take the south trail, it will lead you over 3 rivers, 1 bridge, 1 lookout point and eventually, this trail will take you straight to Adams Canyon! And the best part is that you won't have to hike up the dreaded switchbacks.

Our friends at Bob sent us the new BOB Gear Revolution FLEX 3.0 to test out. The stroller we have right now is definitely for the city, so we were excited to go off roading with the FLEX and see what it was capable of.





This trail is great for kids and often has mountain bikers on it. The south trail is fairly level, with 2 slight inclines, one right before and one right after the bridge.

The views are beautiful!

Although this is a very easy trail, and half of us wore flip flops and/or dress shoes (Berdee). Dan and Berdee somehow ended up slipping and falling at different points in our hike. With Berdee's shoe choice, that wasn't surprising.

Mud Mud Mud.





These two, always covered in dirt.






The BOB Gear Revolution FLEX 3.0 did awesome on the trail! We loved the ease of locking and unlocking the front tire, the adjustable handle bars, and the hydraulics for a smooth ride for Wells.

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Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips

Dogs on leash 

Horse back riding



Water spout

No camping allowed, but there are camp spots with picnic tables and fire pits and grills available for day use

This is an out and back trail. Go as far are you like and then turn around. We usually turn around at the 3 river where there is no bridge which is less than a mile in.


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