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Meet Michelle Petersen.  Mom of 3, wife of one, creator of The Mumsy Blog and a born and bred Utah gal.  There are many things Michelle loves, but her current top 5 are Nutella, shopping the dollar aisle at Target, pickles, jeggings, and finding the perfect novelty socks.  Currently pregnant with her 4th child, Michelle spends most of her day at home, on the couch. But you can also find her and the various things she’s up to on her, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest.

Hi friends!  I am so excited to be writing her at The Salt Project today because I absolutely LOVE Utah!

I was conceived in this fine state and have lived here ever since.  And though I’ve traveled quite a bit, some of my favorite places to visit are right here in this grand old state we all call home.  Which, made it extremely hard for me to narrow it down to just one I might add!  But after giving it a good amount of thought, I think I’ve come up with the perfect one!

Ever since I was a child, I have spent my summers exploring every nook and cranny within our state boarders; and have carried on that same tradition with my own little family.  Though we have been everywhere imaginable, one of our favorite Utah adventures is McBride’s Briar Patch.  Nestled right near the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Mapleton, Utah.  This place is berry lovers dream!  Filled with acres upon acres of raspberries and blackberries, visitors get to pick their fill of these red and purple juicy gems and also receive a plethora of knowledge and hands-on berry picking training from the owners, Brother and Sister McBride.  And, even when your buckets are filled and your harvested crop has been paid for, the fun still isn’t over!  Because along with a full fledged berry picking experience, visitors also get to view a herd of reindeer that live next door, play on the family swing set, sample the local honey, and pick a handful of zinnias and marigolds that abundantly grow at the entrance of the Briar Patch.

The place is truly magical!  Always leaving my entire family with endless smiles, excited chatter about all the experiences shared, and memories to last a life time.  My little gang and I love this place so much that we have made our visit there a yearly tradition.  And once you and your loved ones go, I’m sure you’ll do the same thing!

Utah is an incredible state.  But some of the best things about it are the hidden local gems!  So make sure to get out there and start exploring!



Helpful Tips

Extra things to know about McBride’s Briar Patch:

1-Do you need a carrier or stroller for your kids?  Since you will be picking berries.  If you have any young children who aren’t yet old enough to help out, then a stroller or carrier would be a good thing for them to hang out in while everyone else picks raspberries.

2-Should I bring snacks for my kids? Though the owners don’t mind if the kids eat a few berries here and there, I would definitely bring some snacks and water.

3- Are there bathrooms?  Yes!  And there are are also places to sit and rest too!

4- What should I and my kids wear? Since you will be walking up and down rows of some what prickly raspberry bushes, I would make sure your kids were toe covered shoes, shirts with sleeves and at least knee length shorts.  And, if you are going in the Summer, make sure to also have everyone in your group wear hats and sunscreen too.

5- How long should I plan on being there? Really, it’s up to you.  Sometimes when my family and I go, we stay for 2 hours.   But I would say most people stay for an hour to and hour and a half.

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