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When Stephanie and I started The Salt Project, we wanted to keep it real.  

It seems the blogging/social media world creates this falseness about everyone.  We instantly think about how awesome everyone else's life is.  The awesome blogger has the perfect life, kids, hair, face, nails, city... Right?  I'm totally guilty as well.  

We want to keep it REAL.  We want The Salt Project to be a community effort and to do that, we need YOU.  So today, we're going to feature one rad mama.  I met Kristen for a few short moments and then she moved out of the neighborhood to another city.  All I knew about her was name and that she was having a baby soon.  But, I could instantly tell she was genuine.  I'm excited to share her post with you guys so I can get to know her better as well.

Hi Salt Project readers!

My name is Kristen Meyer. I have a sweet husband named Jaron and a sweet baby named Kate.  After a long and treacherous pregnancy, I was more than ready to get back outdoors, active, and enjoying the oodles of fun stuff Utah’s terrain has to offer. Hiking seemed like an easy first step back…I mean really, there are more than enough amazing hikes in Utah.  Oh, and you can easily hike with a newborn! …so we were at it full force as soon as I hit 6 weeks postpartum. Here are some of our favorites from 2014!

Donut Falls: This hike is a nice and easy one up Big Cottonwood canyon.  I had heard this was a really busy trail, but we did not experience that at all. We enjoyed the lovely fall weather all to ourselves. At one point you cross a river, but it was quite low in late September and easy to jump from rock to rock. This was a spur of the moment hike and the only tennis shoes I had were new and WHITE, so we opted out of climbing the rocks to get closer to the actual falls. There were a few muddy parts due to the time of year but I made it out with only one mud scuff on my new tennies. Oh! AND in the winter you can snowshoe into this gem. Haven’t done it yet, but how fun would that be? Gorgeous little hik

Stewart Falls: We did this hike during a family reunion and all the kids loved it.  I was way impressed with all the little hikers in our group, might I add. This hike was a little longer than we had expected and they handled it flawlessly. The ranger at the beginning of the trail (Aspen Grove) told us it would take apx. 2 hours round trip.  With some stops along the way and little hikers it took us… double that. 4 hours.  It was well worth it though.  Beautiful hike and the falls are stunning. The trail didn’t seem too crowded but when we got to the falls there were quite a few people.  I would love to do this hike again and again.

Mary, Martha, and Catherine: This is a hike we had wanted to do all summer and we finally got around to it in mid October.  Once you round the top of the hill, Lake Mary is incredible.  According to some hikers we passed on the way up, Lake Mary was pretty much empty, but even mostly empty I thought it was incredible.  With it being low, it exposed so many big boulders, which made for such a unique area. We continued on and made it to Martha and Catherine as well.  Three beautiful lakes but Mary was my favorite.  The beginning of this hike is quite steep for little ones but definitely doable. 


As if the lakes, boulders, and greenery weren't enough, the yellows were yellower than ever. We ran across an 80+ year old on the trail near Lake Mary.  If he can do it, your little ones can too. J Moose frequent this area so I’m crossing my fingers we’ll spot one on the next go around. We can’t wait to go back this summer when the water is higher.

Goodness…we are all lucky ducks to have these mountains in our back yard.

Happy Adventures!

Thanks Kristen!  The Salt Project is definitely going to add these hikes to the calendar for 2015!  Have any of you been on these hikes?  Tips?  Comments?

Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips

Lake Catherine (Big Cottonwood) - 2.6 round trip 

Stewart Falls - 3.5 round trip

Donut Falls - 1.56 round trip

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