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Everyone, meet Gina Duffy! I've never actually met her in person (yet) but rest assured I will. I've been following her on Instagram and she's pretty much one of the coolest ladies I've yet to meet. She's got a clothing line, she loves to snowboard, skateboard, wakeboard and all those other crazy sports I only wish I could do. She's here to tell us her favorite things to do in Utah.

My husband and I moved to Eden four years ago from downtown Chicago. We left from our vacation here in February 2012 and by the end of March 2012 we had bought a house on PowMow Road and moved here permanently. Ogden and the Valley tugged at our hearts and souls from the first time we visited in 2007. We couldn't be happier to trade skyscrapers for mountains!

  • Ogden Canyon Road

During our first vacation here we drove through the canyon get to our townhouse we were renting  at Lakeside… it was snowing lightly and I thought it was so incredibly beautiful. All those cute little houses and cabins tucked away, some so hidden that you only notice them during the holidays when the Christmas lights are on, the huge rock faces and the way it opens up to Pineview Reservoir when you arrive at the damn.  It was like Alice In Wonderland falling through the rabbit hole and finding myself in this other secret world!


Frozen and covered with snow or wakeboarding on the glass in the summer, it's a win. To have ski resorts and a beautiful recreational reservoir minutes from each other is basically heaven and is aptly named Eden! Before moving here we had only known it's frozen sparkling snow-covered beauty and then the spring came and we were "wowed" all over again. I love the days when the water is so still it's like a mirror reflecting the mountains.

Looking out over Ogden Valley each day is like watching a living painting or work of art. Each day it changes and each day I am humbled by its beauty. I love it at night with all the twinkling lights from people's homes and during the day with its crystal snow capped peaks. Let's not forget how incredible Fall is when the valley just lights up with fiery reds and oranges as far as the eye can see. I love waking up each day and seeing the colors change so dramatically. There is a trail I hike up behind by house about 2 miles straight up where you can see the entire valley, it's where I feel at peace and when I feel in my heart and soul that I am truly "home".

  • Powder Mountain

The first time I ever snowboarded there, I immediately fell head over heels in LOVE. Everyone there immediately makes you feel like family. The people who work there are so stoked to be there, you just feel the energy, it has such an amazing vibe.  The terrain is beyond compare, there's powder for days and days after a storm and no lift lines! The views are incredible…where else can you see 4 states from one peak!  Powder Mountain is the main reason we moved here, it just pulled at our soul. (Don't tell anyone about the lift lines though…our secret!)

  • It's not a place…it's the people!

The people and the energy are one of the biggest reasons we moved here. I've never made so many friends so quickly in my entire life. People who live here are so happy to be here, you feel their joy and the "stoke".  Everyone has been so welcoming. From the first week we've moved here, we've had people invite us into their homes for dinner. We certainly never had that in Chicago!  It took me a little while to adjust to everyone being so friendly. I would be at the grocery store and would be caught off guard when people would say, "Hi, How are you?"  I would get nervous thinking, "oh no, am I supposed to know this person?"…no it was just people being friendly!  There are so many diverse types of people, from tech gurus and financial wizards who moved here from Oregon or California to smart, sophisticated folks who have lived here their entire lives. I am really impressed with the diversity and with that brings such an interesting cultural dynamic to Ogden and the Valley.

Basically, Gina is proof of why Utah is the best place to be. Be sure to check out sheshreds.co for some awesome clothing.


Anonymous (not verified)

Fri, 01/29/2016 - 19:51

I don't really understand the point of this post. Is it showing me something to do in Utah or promoting her clothing line? I love your blog and I love all of the great ideas of things to do in Utah.

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