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My kids love going hiking and I swear my dog Bokeh knows when we are going hiking. He just jumps in the car with us like its his own personal field trip. He even sits in his own seat. Right up front in the middle. 

One of our favorite trails is the Bair Creek Trail in Kaysville. It is family friendly, pet friendly, and toddler approved. You could easily take a stroller. It was mid March when we went. Last time we went in June, it was so green! Check it out HERE. But this time, there were still a few patched of snow and nothing was in bloom yet. But the weather was warm and perfect for a little hike.

This trail has two trail heads. One HERE, and one at the corner of Nicholls St and Main in Kaysville. The whole trail is mostly flat and stretches just over a mile from one end to the other.

They have recently (in the last 2 years) changed this place from an over grown forest with a river running through it, to a beautiful walkway with several bridges, benches, and paths lined in trees. It's pretty fancy now.

The new bridges are beautiful, and a little steep, but we all made it up and over.

The trail was clean, but the brush on the sides were full of burs and stickers. I'm so glad we had Bokeh clipped before we started hiking season. He would have been in big trouble! He had several burs in his paws and on his legs, but we were able to get them out because of his short fur. (I've included a before and after photo below so you can see what a disaster it would have been). 

Plenty of sticks for light sabers.

More bridges

We found this little seat carved out of a tree headed west on the trail after about 3 or 4 bridges.

More sticks

Here is a before and after of Bokeh's crazy long fur. I love having him cut into a "Lion" cut so he still has fluff around his shoulders, but the rest of him is super short, perfect for staying clean while hiking.

I was talking to Harmony about taking her Lab Kona in for a bath. She said she had never been to a groomer before in her life! I was shocked! Not even for a bath or nail clipping. She said she didn't even know what groomers did (other than cut dogs hair.). So I thought I would have a quick rundown of what happens at the groomer for anyone that hasn't been before.

What to Expect at the Groomer

Oh My Dog in Kaysville is our favorite. It is a little different than other places I have been. You call, make an appointment, and when you arrive, she is ready and waiting for your pup! Other places usually put my dog in a kennel to wait his turn, or they let him run around in fur and pee with a dozen other dog (true story). 

Bokeh only took 45 minutes and received 2 shampoos, hair cut, nail clipping, and blow dry! That's pretty fast.

She told me he would be under an hour and he was! That never happened at other groomers I've tried. I never knew when he would be finished or how long it would take.  I was also charged a late fee once because when they called for me to come pick him up I was in the middle of something and couldn't get there fast enough. Not cool.

This place is so prompt and on top of things. She lets you know exactly how long it will be so your pup isn't sitting and waiting for hours.

Plus they are about $5 cheaper than what we have paid in the past. I'm so happy I found her and that her business practices are so outstanding.  I'm blown away!

This was Bokeh with his winter grow out. We don't hike in the winter so I don't worry about cutting it short, plus, the extra length helps keep him warm. But I really should take him in all year. He had mats and I can't remember the last time he had had a bath. I'm going to set him up with a standing appointment so I can be sure to make it a priority from now on.

Favorite Dog Friendly Trails

Bokeh LOVES hiking with our family. So I'm always on the look out for Dog friendly trials that we can take him on. Every hike we feature here on the blog includes info about things we as moms need to know like bathrooms, stroller/wheelchair accessibility, toddler friendly, and if dogs are allowed. Here are a few of our favorites.

Helpful Tips
  • Be sure to keep your dog on a leash (safety first)
  • Be prepared to pick up after your dog (we all want to enjoy a clean trail)
  • Bringing water for your dog is always a good idea (if there is no stream or river)

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