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On our way back from Francis Peak we decided to make one more stop, we had to find the Farmington Flats Ponds (actually called Farmington Lake)! Stephanie had camped up in Farmington Canyon a few years ago and wanted to go find the ponds (which come to find out is actually a lake) again. 

If you don't take the left to Francis Peak, you'll find yourself coming to the Bountiful Peak Campgrounds and if you go even further, you'll find Farmington Lake. 

The water was pretty crystal clear and cool! 

Baby Wells took no time just going right in. 

If you want, there is another lake/pond a short little hike beyond. 

The flowers were in full bloom and luckily not a whole lot of mosquitos, but lots of flies! 

The hike was easy but muddy since the run-off was running down the path. 

Luckily, we have lots of help getting all the tiny ones up to the hills. 

The bridge. The kids loved balancing on this. 

There were some muddy casualties, but we didn't mind. 

That VIEW! It was so beautiful. 

The kids just can't resist climbing out to logs. 

Surprisingly, no one fell in...this time. 

I wish we would have just put the kids in their swimming gear but they had lots of fun just playing. 

This would also be an awesome place to camp or have a picnic too. 

I'm not sure if there are fish in the lake, I didn't see anything really jumping, but it was midday. 

After a few hours at Farmington Lake, we headed on back down Farmington Canyon, or if you want, you can continue and drive all the way to the Bountiful B! 

#TheSaltProject or #PlayInDavis on your epic drives! 

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The Salt Project
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Entrance Fee(s)
Free to drive
Camping fees apply at campgrounds.
Helpful Tips
  • If you google Farmington Lake, you should be able to follow your maps directly there. 40.975128, -111.817721
  • No public bathrooms, unless you count the campground bathrooms.
  • Road up is windy and open seasonally, so be sure to check. 
  • I think you can camp up there, at least it looks like someone has in the past. 
  • Free.
  • Pack it in, Pack it out. 

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