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We rediscovered Farmington Canyon a few years ago and try to go at least once a year. I decided that today was that day. We grabbed some sandwiches and headed up the mountain.

We had planned to drive all the way to the Golf Balls (I grew up calling them that, but I guess it's a conservatory) but we took a detour and found ourselves in the Campground Sunset.

I didn't see a fee for picnicking, so we figured we were safe for an hour or so.

It was basically empty. We drove around until we found this sweet little campsite that was in a grove of trees with a great view.
We were all super hungry and immediately sat down to eat our Cutler's sandwiches and cookies. Shortly after eating I noticed a mosquito, then two and then a bazillion. Sheesh, they were everywhere. I'm not sure if it was the peppermint oil or if it was the fact that my sister tried to start a fire in the firepit and just made a bunch of smoke, but either way, they finally seemed to calm down a bit. You may not know this, but I truly hate mosquitos more than anything. But they seem to love my blood more than anything.

The campsite had a few paths that all led different directions. If we had more time, it would have been fun to explore each one. This campsite seemed like the perfect little area. I have a feeling we will be coming back for some camping soon.

Aiko thought the bright red leaves were flowers.

No one told her we would be hiking and took a tumble in her clogs, it's a good thing kids are so sturdy.

Orion has been imitating Aiko for weeks now. Whatever his big sister is doing, he wants to do it too. Since she had a red leaf, he needed one too. I'm glad Aiko isn't old enough to care that she's got a little shadow. He just toddles around saying "Ai-KO" all day long.

There were so many lovely colors. I love Farmington Canyon because there are so many different kinds of trees. You've got the pines, the brush, maples and who knows what else. The colors are always fabulous.

While we didn't make it up to the golf balls, the view was pretty spectacular on the way down.
If you want a thrill of a drive, be sure to drive up Farmington Canyon one day. It's bumpy, has cliffs on one side and sometimes very narrow. This road always gets exciting!

Quote of the day. "One must always climb a boulder if one can."

Where's your favorite Fall Drive to see the leaves?
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Helpful Tips

Road is dirt, sometimes skinny and has cliffs on one side. It's fairly well maintained and I see all sorts of cars, fourwheelers and dirt bikes all the time.

The only bathrooms are at the campsites you pass.

It took us about 30 minutes from the entrance up to Sunset Campground.

If you get a chance drive all the way up to the observatory (Golf Balls.) You won't regret it. I'll be posting about that soon.


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