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I like to think of myself of a Tomboy, that really likes accessories and clothing. Like bugs, I like bugs and sticks.

That being said, I, for some reason, loathe princess stuff. Always have, probably always will. I just don’t dig the whole princess scene. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the first to turn on a cartoon and basically any old Disney movie, but I’m very careful with what I let Aiko watch. I try to keep it neutral, especially now that Orion is getting older.

I don’t always have control what she watched at the Gym Daycare. I came in the other day and Aiko started talking about Tinkerbell. Apparently, they watched some show with Tinkerbell and I have to work on my happy face while she's telling me about it. Anyways, I was researching things to do in Midway/Heber and Fairy Land just kept coming up. So we decided to take the 30 minute drive during naptime. (30 minutes from Midway.)

Honestly, it was completely adorable.

Watching Aiko and Orion's face get soooo excited about all the tiny houses almost made this mama explode with happiness.

All the little decorations were to die for. Orion loved toddling around and checking out all the crazy colors in the forest.

He would just plop down on the dirt and start playing with the colored rocks.

Some of the fairy homes were extremely detailed and so earthy. While other we obviously painted by loving children in hopes the fairies would soon live in their home.

I wasn’t completely prepared for this whole housing development scene. With my construction management background, I found my little rocks that I brought to be completely inadequate. I found myself wishing I had brought some well though out fairy home made out of sticks, moss and rocks. (Not that I didn’t spend some time on my rocks. On our way out to Fairyland, I tossed two other rocks before I felt like my rocks were up to par. But boy, was I wrong, they were probably the plainest rocks there!)

Aiko would find different figurines, hug and kiss them and tell them goodbye. We'd always make sure to put them back where we found them.

So many pathways and homes!

So cool right?

There are probably hundreds of Fairy houses. Honestly, there were plenty I didn’t see and we probably spent an hour walking through the fairy forest.  Next time, I'll be ready, with a beautifully thought out fairy home to replace our rocks.

Luckily, I had a few plastic animals and Salt Project buttons to spruce up our rocks.

I was feeling particularly clever when I found a rock that had been split in two for my family rock.

Just a few pictures from the Shady Dell Campground. (We had to run to the bathroom for Aiko.)

This bus caught my eye...isn't she a beauty!?

Have any of you been to Fairy land? Do you have a a photo? Tag #thesaltproject! We want to see, maybe we saw yours! It was a pretty popular place when we went over fall break. I bet it’s quite adorable during the winter too, with a little sprinkle of snow. Be sure to head up there quick!

Entrance Fee(s)
$6 (It's in a National Forest)
Helpful Tips
  • Bring your own family momento! Painted Rocks, wooden houses, fairy figurines...whatever you want.
  • Just past mile mark 17 on Mirror Lake Highway. There is an entrance in the Shady Dell Campground (It's a shortcut.) When we went there were many cars parked off the side of the road on both sides.
  • Dogs Welcome
  • There are bathrooms just south in the Shady Dell Campground, right before the dry river bed.
  • It does cost $6 to go into the National Forest, so be sure to pay. They said there are always lots of Rangers checking parked cars.
  • Somewhat ADA Friendly. That being said, I did see a younger gal who had a walker in Fairy Land. (I don't think she could walk without the walker in general.) If you can get over the rocky dry river bed, the paths in Fairy Land are actually quite smooth.
  • I've heard in the spring the river is quite high and could be dangerous. Please use your best judgment. The Salt Project is not responsible for any accidents.

Zoso Thu, 08/04/2016 - 17:15

This place is one big trash pile. Please don't contribute to it. One day it'll get cleaned up. You're not making the world better by leaving more crap in the forest.

Kay Murphy Mon, 08/15/2016 - 19:37

We have been going up there for years. It is a wonderful place, but hurry and go up to see it because, they are going to tear it down, due to the traffic it causes out on the highway. I was very disappointed because my husband recently pasted away and our family was going to make a memorial there because he loved that area so much.

Brad Pugmire Wed, 09/21/2016 - 14:18

Please don't litter and paint things in the forest. I know the kids think it's fun and looks cute but what you and others are doing here is illegal. Leaving items in the forest is littering. Painting items in a forest is vandalism. There has been a clean up effort going on the last several weeks. All items left have been thrown away. There have been over 100 bags of synthetic debris removed.

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