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This morning my husbands say "will you go get me French toast?" I instantly knew where he wanted it from.

We haven't even tried Even Stevens French Toast, but we KNOW it's got to be delicious. If it's anything like the sandwiches we had, it's going to be delish.

Let's talk about all the goodness going for lunch and dinner. Even Stevens Sandwiches creates delicious sandwiches that have minimally processed, simple ingredients free of additives and artificial flavors. The roast beef, turkey, and chicken is nothing but meat, herbs & salt. This is my kind of place!

Plus, for every sandwich they sale, they donate a sandwich to local charities. Here's the local sandwich counter for Ogden and while we were sitting there, the count kept going up!

It's a pretty chill place. You step up to the ordering station and then take a seat in the back. 

While you are taking a seat and getting situated, there's lots of art to look at. All created by local Ogden folks!  

If you know anything about me yet, you know I love Ogden.

The entry graffiti was done by a local artist as well. 


Most everything in the building was either salvaged or repurposed. Like the lights and trunk above.

Our food came out pretty fast, which is awesome when you have two HANGRY toddlers. 

Brava Tots for appetizers. Covered with Brava Aioli and Smokey Paprika. 

I actually found this machine quite intimidating. My husband laughs at me, but since I don't really drink much pop (yes, I call it pop) I have NO IDEA how these things work. This is making me feel so aged right now. 

For the kids, we got them a turkey sandwich with chips.

My husband and I split the Capreezy and Muffalatta It's from the Ogden Restaurant Week Menu.

The Muffalatta was filled with picked veggies, meats and all sorts of deliciousness. The Capreezy was filled with a sweet pesto sauce, cheese and tomatoes.

I couldn't resist an orange drink photo.

I don't often do dessert, but I couldn't resist THESE COOKIES! Plus, Ice Cream Sandwich cookies. 

Don't forget to grab some stickers. 

All the glass art was all HAND PAINTED. Super cool and very recently painted. 

Don't forget to say "hi" to our favorite local blogger, Mikaela, from Indie Ogden. (She manages the joint.)

Also, Peanut Butter Cookie. 

This beam here was actually part of an old railroad bridge. Plus, check out the sandwich counter now! It went up like 20 while we were there. 

Little sneak. He ate all but the two bits of that giant peanut butter cookie, before I could even notice!

Ogden Restaurant Week April 7-17! 24 participating restaurants will offer a delicious 2-course lunch for $10 or 3-course dinner for $17.

We came here Thursday night for dinner then we came back Friday night, to bring back the whole extended family and so my husband could get his french toast. It's that good people. Two nights in a row good!

Helpful Tips

Back Patio rendering. In the next few months a back patio will be installed.

Be sure to check out the bathrooms. I feel like they are pretty beautiful.

If that's even a word used on bathrooms.


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