Escobar's Mexican Restaurant | 12 Utah Staycations

While in Kanab this past week, we were able to visit Escobar's Mexican Restaraunt!

Many of you sent us messages, telling us we needed to visit! 

I can't remember everything we tried, but these mushrooms and shrimp tacos were pretty dang delicious. 

The husband got a number one! Chile Relleno, Enchilada and Taco. 

We also spied a looked pretty awesome. 

We ordered the kids tacos. As you can tell below, they loved them. 

Escobar's must be a pretty popular place there was a huge line as we were leaving. 

This kid was plumb worn out. I can only remember one other time he just fell asleep like this. 

Be sure to visit Escobar's if you are in Kanab!

Thanks to Kane County for sponsoring our Kanab Staycation!

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