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Hello Tiny House Movement! How many of you have seen the tiny homes? Or even know someone who's building one? I have two friends that just swapped their lovely homes for tiny houses. While I'm not sure I could live in 200 square feet, I could "camp" in these tiny cabins forever. We've teamed up with Escalante Outfitters to give you a tour of their tiny cabins.

One of my absolute favorite parts of the tiny cabins is the smell. They smelled of pine and maybe just a tiny bit like my ponderosa trees that I love to smell so much.

After a long day hiking Calf Creek Lower Falls, we were ready to fall into a blissful slumber in a tiny cabin.

The lodge is just as lovely. Inside you can check-in, shop their sweet store and get some pretty dang good grub.

The cabin site had about 8 tiny cabins, each complete with their own porch and chairs.

Since the tiny cabins are basically just for sleeping, there are community bathrooms right in the middle. Also made log style. (Somehow I forgot to take photos inside, but they were clean, fairly new and complete with wooden swinging doors by the toilets. They also had a citrus smell that was wonderful.

Not only can you stay in the tiny cabins, you can also picnic, or even rent out the area for a wedding.

The background was stunning.

I woke up early the next day, only to find everyone else asleep. The babies were asleep in the cot we brought and the husband was still sleeping on the top bunk.

I think we've finally found a good way to "camp!" The kids want nothing to do with sleeping bags and usually only sleep with their own blankets, if they sleep at all! They are always cold the next day. For some reason, they really sleep well on the cot and stay much warmer! Success! I thought we would never be able to camp ever again since they wouldn't sleep in the tents on the floor.

I love all the simple details for these tiny cabins. The bright colored towels (provided) the curtains, the bedding, it just made all of it so picturesque.

You can either choose a bunk bed or a queen bed. I actually thought the bunk bed was super fun. I was worried that it would get hot at night, but silly me. There was a space heater/ac unit and fan in our cabin. The kids loved the bunk beds too. I don't think they've been introduced to the concept before.

Horseshoes were hung all around so you can hang your belongings. I almost felt like I needed Christmas Stockings or something.

When everybody finally woke up and got ready, we dropped off our keys (It took Aiko literally two painful minutes of trying to get this into the box. I literally had to just bite my tongue and step away so she could figure it all out on her own.)

Be we left for the day, we decided to check out breakfast.

They have a lovely outside deck that is perfect for loud toddlers.

I've been getting this look a lot for little Aiko. "Like really, Mom?"

We really loved staying at Escalante Outfitters. If you are looking for more than lodging, they do also provide Tours, food, gear, and camping. Be sure to check out their website for more details.

Thanks for having us Escalante Outfitters!


nancy Tue, 09/06/2016 - 15:55

so glad you and your family stopped here! I have been here many times and love, love the cute little cabins! So much to do in Escalante! They used to have the best thrift store in the area as well. (I haven't been there in a few years so don't know if it's still open). Escalante State Park is very nice as well. I hope you will check it out next time you are in the area.

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