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Alright Utah! It's almost Spring Break. Worried that your week will be boring? Never fear. We've compiled a giant list of EPIC places in Utah. Click on the headers. It's not just 35 places, it's hundreds of places to make your week rock. This can be day trips, hour trips, weekend trips, three day trips, all week long trips! Everything! Be sure to #thesaltproject when you go, because we want to see.


Wilson's Arch

Visit Hole 'n' the Rock

Canyon Country Discovery Center

Seriously, South Eastern Utah is pretty much amazing.

Layton/Davis County

Adams Canyon Lower Falls Hike

Layton Park, Salt Lake Shoreline

From hiking to the Aquarium, there are plenty of fun options.

Park City

Park City Museum and the Swaner Bird Preserve

Free is the game in Park City!


High Adventure Park

Drive-In Movies, parks, fishing, hikes, this list goes on and on.

Zion National Park

Angel's Landing

Oh, Southern Utah, how we love thee.

Snow Canyon State Park

Been to Zion National Park? Well, have you been to this SWEET State Park with super cool hikes?

Cedar City

Cedar City Canyon Trail

Leeds Ghost Town

You probably just drive right through on your way to St. George, but Cedar City is not to be ignored.

Spiral Jetty & Golden Spike National Monument

This is a perfect "cooler" weather day trip. Believe me, when we went, it was BLAZING hot.

Brigham City

On you way to the Spiral Jetty, be sure to stop at this free winner.

Just SOME of the awesome things to do in Moab. (PS if you drive past Moab there are some sweet hidden gems!)

St. George

Hike the Crack.

The list is endless. All sorts of fun parks, free museums and hikes all over.

Monument Valley

Feeling extra adventurous? You could drive all the way through Utah to follow in Forrest Gump's footsteps.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bristlecone Trail

It's still a little cool here, but again, perfect hiking weather.

Glitter Mountain

Grab you hammer and go digging!

Capitol Reef National Park

Located in the heart of Utah with amazing views and crazy slot canyons you can drive your car through!

Goblin Valley State Park

If crazy landscapes are your hearts desires, you'll need to stop at Goblin Valley State park.

Canyon Lands National Park | Needles District

Southern Utah Eastern Style. You hear about Zion National Park all the time, but the Canyon Lands are totally worth talking about.


Don't let the name fool you, there are some epic hikes here that are family friendly.

Gooseneck State Park

Did you know you can camp along the ridge?

Valley of the Gods

Camp it or just go for a joy ride. Either way, it's epic.


So many hikes in one town.

Salt Lake City

Sphynx with Joseph Smith Face
Capital Cherry Blossoms/Gilgal Park

Cherry blossoms, crazy parks, free parks, museums, there are all sorts of fun places to go in the Capitol of Utah.

Crystal Hot Springs

Soak away your cares.

Krishna Temple

You've probably heard of the Color Festival, but have you toured the temple?


Free Museums and soap making go hand in hand right?

Antelope Island

We know many of you haven't been to Antelope Island, so get yourself out there!

Natural Bridges National Monument

Have you even heard about this National Monument before?

Green River | Crystal Geyser

Camping, river rafting, watching a geyser, sounds pretty cool right?

Heber City

Take your family on a real train ride!


Go swimming in a crater, stay at the Zermatt Resort and head to Cascade Springs!

I-15 Stops

So many places to stop on Utah's main road.


Dinosaurs and Petroglyphs, Oh my!

Old Iron Town

Ghost Town just outside of Cedar City.


Best place to buy some rocks!

Escalante National Monument

Hikes, slot canyons and more hikes!

Just some ideas. You can always search our Map on the side bar or search by county. Hope your Spring Break Rocks!

Utah National Parks


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