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Confession. My birthday is in November. Not January. But because my birthday is in November, it gets skipped/combined/put off every stinking year. This year I went out to dinner with my siblings for Christmas (a couple weeks after my birthday) and at the end of the meal, as an after thought, someone said, hey, this counts as Stephs birthday dinner. They sang, they brought out my free dessert, it was nice, but it once again, it was kind of an after thought.

This has been happening since the beginning of time. Every year I say, next year I'm going to have a real party and actually celebrate. And then another year passes. Well, I'm not getting any younger! I decided this was my year. Sure my birthday got skipped again, as it always does, but this time I planned a party and invited all my friends. I wanted to do something a little out of the norm for an adult party and knew just the place. Fly High is my kids favorite of all time. What my kids don't know, is that it's MY favorite of all time too! Over the last year we have had several visits and I'm actually getting really good (for a 38 year old mom of 5 with no eye-hand coordination nor any flexibility nor physical talents aside from walking and skipping). I have mastered a couple of the platform jumps (humble brag) and I can jump off the mezzanine without a 10 minute pep talk these days. I'm not afraid any more, you hear me, I said, I'm not afraid any more. Name that movie... Home Alone anyone?

Turns out my kid party turned epic date night was actually one of the best ideas I've ever had! Everyone had a blast. We laughed, we cheered each other on, we cried (zombie VR is no joke people). We had some excellent pizza (comes with Fly High Birthday package) and the best cupcakes in town (pictured below). I really couldn't have asked for a better party. It was everything I dreamed of. literally, I planned every detail myself because, adult.

If you come for a party, they send you straight upstairs to get you checked in and get your socks. I LOVE this arrangement. No lost party guests.

We started things off cheering each other on with some balancing rope walks. Not one of my strong points (remember, my physical talents are lacking). But I did have fun trying.

Then we all went wild with other people kids and had a blast jumping and acting like fools.

The VR was one of the highlights of the night. If you guys have not tried it, YOU MUST! It is so fun, and scary (zombies), but mostly fun. We had a good crowd here at one point while we watched each other get attacked by zombies.

Fly High birthday packages come with pizza and drinks. Choice of soda or water. Sausage, pepperoni, or cheese pizza. I highly recommend sausage and pepperoni.

Can we take a moment to talk about these little creations. No, they are not cupcakes. Yes, they look like cupcakes, they taste like cupcakes, kind of.  Kind of like cupcakes that might be found at the other end of a rainbow sprinkled in unicorn dust. You guys! I took the liberty of sampling several (gotta take one for the team sometimes). I have no word for the pure creativity and delight that these little desserts are. Every. Single. Bite was magically delicious. There are secret surprises wrapped up in that paper wrapper. Secret magic delicious surprises. Thats all I'm going to say. The Cupcake Shoppe is bomb! 

The Heath and Dingdong were my personal favorites. 

So grateful for this group of people right here. We lucked out in the family/friend department.

Ended the night with cupcakes and everyone singing me Happy Birthday, which totally embarrassed me, but I guess it's party of the whole "party package".

Thank you Fly High, for being amazing and hosting the most epic date night in history. And many thanks to the best bakers in all the land The Cupcake Shoppe for the bomb cupcakes.

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Sidra Morris Sat, 01/19/2019 - 08:54

That was an amazing birthday party! I sometimes wonder when I grew up and couldn’t have fun anymore. Your party reminded me that I CAN still be young and have fun! So, thanks for the fun night and btw, those cupcakes were worth every bite of their diet busting!

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