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It was our first time visiting Echo Reservoir. Such a beautiful place! It was cold and breezy when we got there but warmed up quickly. The water was surprisingly warm but was perfect for cooling off in as the day got hotter and hotter.


We took our paddle boards from Lifetime and inner tubes from Big O.

The kids played king of the hill non stop.








The beach was awesome because you can drive right up to your spot. But by the time we left that afternoon, there were many cars parked on the trail that we drove on. I didn't want to drive on the sand in a van so I tried to stay on the main trail. After noticing another car parked on it, I backed up and turned hard right to go around the vehicle, not noticing the huge rocks in front of me. I flew right over them because I had gassed so hard due to the rocks and sand. I got totally high centered. I called my family that had just left but no one was answering. 

Just then a big truck drove by, I flagged them down. They didn't open their windows, but instead they cracked the door an inch (I kid you not) after putting on a mask. I asked if they would be willing to help give us a tug. They said no. I said, really? You can use the heavy duty cables holding your paddle boards. They again said "no, we can't help you."  Not helping a mom with 5 kids baking in the 94 degree heat? Ok... 

Luckily my mom finally answered her phone, she turned back and pulled us out with one good tug. So grateful.


Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips

This is a state park and fee area (unless you have a parks pass).

Bathrooms available.

Camping and BBQ options

You can drive to the beach, but be careful in the sand and rocks. Lots of people get stuck.

Tiffany Wed, 08/12/2020 - 14:57

I love your blog! You guys go on the best adventures and I found out about so many places in Utah to visit that I didn't even know existed. Thanks for helping plan our fun!
Also, I just have to say so sorry about your experience getting stuck! That is terrible! I think the thing I've been the most sad about throughout this whole Covid experience has been the downfall of social etiquette, kindness and manners in the name of "social distancing". Glad your family was close!

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