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Dottie’s is an amazing bakery in Heber City. It’s right on Main Street in the middle of town. Dottie's drive-in was busy as could be! Apparently, it’s THE place to get your morning beverage/kolache.

Dottie’s has recently done some remodeling to their brick and mortar place and just barely opened again. Hence the reason the drive-in was so busy.

The Salt Project met the owner Sierra and were able to try out some breakfast foods. (Thanks Dottie’s!) The kids had to try some of the cinnamon rolls, cookies and of course, the kolaches! Kolaches are a sweet dough that’s either topped with fruit or wrapping up a delicious sausage.

Sierra was able to get a super secret family recipe from Texas for her kolache dough. MMMMmmmm. I kind of wonder what the actual soft dough tastes like uncooked. My husband always wants eat the uncooked dough.

I tried the Vegetarian, which was cheese, sun dried tomoates and spinach. Seriously, it was SOOO good. I didn’t get any photos, because YUM. I got the kids a sausage kolache (the sausages are direct from texas!) and they loved it. I'm more of a salty gal, so I was suprised how much I loved the sweet dough with the savory inside.

We also tried a variety of the sweet kolaches, but I prefer the savory a bit more, since it is savory. We were lucky enough to meet THE first customer of Dottie’s and he's been a regular ever since. He gets to try all the new recipes first. He couldn’t say enough how much he loved Dottie’s. He was there at 10 AM to get his office some drinks and treats.

Dottie's basically sells out everyday with their sweet and salty kolaches, so be sure to get there early. If you don't make it in time for the kolaches, you can always stop for a pick up drink. Be sure to stop by this shop in Heber City! You really won't regret it.


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