Donut Falls

Donut Falls has been on my list for years. We finally checked it off our bucketlist and it 100% met my expectations. I can see why this is such a popular hike.

Lots of things to know before you go: No dogs, the parking lot is small and if its full, you have to park 1.5 miles down the rd in the HUGE parking lot in the canyon. Also, in the winter they close the road so you have to park in the big parking lot, so plan on adding about 3 miles to your hike rt. But based off the photos I've seen of the falls in the winter, it would be worth the extra miles.

It took us about 25 minutes to reach the falls and 20 min back to the parking lot. There were a couple bridges, a rope rappel (or you could just climb down the boulders, nothing to crazy), and lots of trees and shade. The trail is clearly marked and they had pit toilets at the trailhead. 

There was a sign at the falls warning to stay off the rocks to prevent injury or death. So we didn't take the kids up to the falls. We recommend staying off the rocks as the sign states.

This hike is great for any age. We saw lots of kids and families. It is also the perfect place to see the beautiful fall colors.





Helpful Tips

Easy 1.5 mile rt (about 45 min total)

Pit tolets

No dogs

Small parking lot at trailhead (trail is popular)

Larger parking lot 1.5 miles from trailhead

Small parking lot closed in winter


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