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A few years ago I went to the dentist and they said I needed over 2k worth of work. I was shocked and decided to get a second opinion, and luckily I did because as it turned out, I didn't need any work done! I walked out of the dentist office with a clean bill of oral health and was on my way.


I shared my story on social media and was shocked that SO MANY of YOU have had similar experiences. Sadly, dental fraud is real and so many of us fall victim to it each year. When you get your exam results, you have no way of knowing if the prescribed treatment plan is accurate without getting a second opinion, and who has time and money for that?


That is why Denator was created. The first ever in-home dental exam company. They come to you!!! Yes, you read that right, they come to YOU! Your life goes on while they perform a full dental exam on your entire family. No more waiting in an office for hours. The Dentacor dentists then review the data from your exam and creates the treatment plans. This process provides an unbiased opinion of each family member’s recommended treatment. Then, IF you need treatment, you are armed with the knowledge you need to advocate for each of your family members. You can take it to your family dentist or Dentacor can recommend one in your area. The Dentacor dentists don't profit from telling you you need $2k worth of work, because they are an unbiased third party. Its a win win.




The following is our personal experience with Dentacor. Spoiler alert. It exceeded all expectations.

The Dentacor Dental Hygienist Pam came right to our home! I can not tell you how amazing this was. I have always wished Doctors could do house calls, but having dental exams had never crossed my mind. It was just another huge chunk out of my day 2x year that I dreaded, and with 7 people in our family, it just takes that much longer.

Pam didn't even finish setting up before she got right down on Wells level and started talking to him and showing him his special brushing kit. Oh, this won him over immediately and he was glued to her side the rest of the visit.

She gave them education about how dental care is tied to heart disease and our overall health.

The kits were pretty impressive if I do say so. They kids got some toys, and I got a bathbomb in mine. Seriously so thoughtful, moms need motivation for dental exams too!


Everything was completely professional and sanitary. Standards are very high for in home visits, so you get the very best service.

We had Christmas music playing, and the kids were having a great time, comfortable at home.


And I didn't have to get a babysitter for my exam for the first time in forever.

Ok, this is the cool part. State of the art xrays with this tiny machine. And a fraction of the radiation as the big ones at the dentist office. And the data is uploaded to a Dentacor Dentist to review. Then your treatment plan shows up in your inbox shortly after.

This little tool was pretty cool too. It takes an in depth video of your entire mouth and all of your teeth. It gets closer than the human eye can see, so the detail is pretty impressive for the Dentist to review.



And a wash and rinse.
If you are lucky enough to have Pam visit, you are in for a real treat. She is the sweetest human.

After your exam, everything is uploaded for the Dentist to review, then you will receive an email with a video explaining everything and photos of any teeth that need work, so you can show your dentist.

You already have your second opinion, so you know you'll get the work you need.

As soon as Pam left the kids asked when she was coming back. And they couldn't wait to tell Dad all about the experience. It kinda blew all of our minds honestly.  In home dental care for the win!


Thanks for visiting our family blog today and letting us share our personal experience with you. We highly recommend trying out Dentacor for your next dental exam, we know you will love it as much as we did.  Be sure to tag us when you do, so we can share! Spread the love. Support Local.

This post is sponsored, but The Salt Project's opinions are 100% our own.
Helpful Tips

Dentacor accepts all patients (with dental insurance or not). They also offer payment plans as well. 

You can still use YOUR dentist! But you only have to go IF you need work done.

Full exam is done IN HOME!

(801) 341-8888

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