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My cousin recommended this hike and I couldn't wait to try it out. We had a few hours of daylight left after dinner so I talked my oldest son into a spur of the moment hike to Davis Creek. He's always up for an adventure like his mama, so off we went. Never having done this hike before, I was a little nervous, but it was only about a mile round trip so I knew it couldn't be too bad. I'm SO glad I just went for it. Davis Creek is a hidden gem! We didn't pass a single hiker, but the trail was clean and easy to follow. Hikers have even added ropes and chains to help up the hills. There were 2 bridges, 2 rope areas, lots of shade and water with the river and waterfalls!

As you are coming up Little Valley Rd, You'll see a retention pond on your right. This is the best place to park. Then walk south, down the road 20 yards to the trail head. There is a sign for "Davis Creek". I just typed 40° 57.961’N, 111° 52.368’W into my maps app and it took us straight to the trailhead. 

Shade! My kind of hike! It wasn't a sunny day, but this is definitely a good hike to try out in the hot summer when you can cool off in the Indian Bathtubs.

Beautiful views!

May hikes have the best flowers! And everything is so green.

Bokeh (bow-cah) the pup always leads the way 10-20 ft in front and doubles back to make sure we are coming. We take him to Oh My Dog monthly during hiking season to prevent stickers and burrs from getting in his fur. 

You can see our other favorite hike Flag Rock over yonder!

Our Kelty Pack for the baby came with this detachable backpack, its the perfect size for a few small snack, chapstick, water, and still has plenty of room for rock collecting (for the 10 year old boys out there). Also, it fits me and the kids perfectly!

There are trail markers along the way. All of the trails are clearly marked.

There is a bench to sit and enjoy the view of the waterfall about half way into the hike. 

There are two trails that we recommend. The first is the Indian Bathtubs. It's just over a half a mile into the hike and has awesome ropes and chains to help you up the the tubs. This might be harder for little children. But Locke (10 yrs) thought it was amazing. I think my 8yr old would have loved it too, but my 5 yr old I would have been scared. There is a flat area at the top they littles could sit and wait at.

This hill wasn't very steep, but there was no traction. So grateful for the rope that someone tied here.

Here are the Indian Bathtubs! You can hold on to the rope and chain to climb to the top tub. The run off was pretty strong in May, I'm sure you could see the tubs better in the fall. We will go again to see.

The look on his face when he saw the size of the moss growing by the falls! He's a my little horticulturist.

Bokeh had no problem scaling the rocks

Back up to the trail.

At this point, we headed back on to the Davis Creek Trail.

The slats are pretty wide, Bokeh slipped, but he made it across ok.

About 10 yards after the bridge the tail kind of disappears. We followed another trail up the south side of the mountain for awhile, took a picture and headed back. We couldn't see where it lead to, so if you know, please tell us.

Hell Hole Trail sounded interesting so we tried that next. It lead up past this small cave and then was so steep we couldn't go any further. 

We had to slide down on our bums it was so steep.

Then we headed back to the car. It took us just over an hour and we spent a lot of time on the two side trails.

This is the first trail you pass after you park the car, Davis Creek is 10 yards further up the road. We will be back to try this Triumph Trail next time.


If you are looking for another amazing hike in Farmington, check out Flag Rock above Lagoon and Patsy's Mine. The Flag sits at the same height as the Twin Towers. Details HERE.

Helpful Tips
    • 40° 57.961’N, 111° 52.368’W
    • Waterfalls, Davis Creek, Indian Bathtubs
    • About 1 mile round trip
    • 4843 ft
    • 5370 ft
    • 527 ft
    • 1+ hours
  • PETS Allowed
  • No Stroller/Wheelchair access



Marissa Mon, 03/26/2018 - 18:30

Looks like so much fun!! The pictures are so beautiful and crisp. You are so talented with your photography! What lens do you use on your hikes?

Michele Tue, 06/05/2018 - 11:10

Hi, this looks like a great hike! How hard it scaling the rocks? I have 3 girls 11, 9, and 7 who have some but not a ton of hiking experience.

Charlotte Sun, 07/15/2018 - 09:22

We just completed this hike and it seems as though the ropes and chains are gone! We had to scale the wall to see the tubs!

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