Cross E Ranch in the Fall

It's that time again! It's FALL and all things Pumpkins have become a must. We're starting off our Pumpkin Patch Round-up with Cross E Ranch.

If you follow along on our InstaStories, then you'll know that Cross E Ranch is raising the bar! We've been coming for a few years and they've been getting better and better every year!

Mini Wagon rides greet you right as you enter so you better believe all the littles wanted a ride.

You'll find murals all over.

We tried the food (from Cross E!) and it was pretty delicious. The beef is from their ranch!

Those corn dogs were incredible. Steph said they were like crack!

They are the last family run and owned farm in Salt Lake City.

Did you see the cute shirts from Kate Fox Apparel? I wanted to get matching shirts for me and the kids...they are wicked.


Corn Pit. Seriously, the kids just won't get out of these things. I even took a turn.

It was the perfect overcast day for some family fun. It was overcast and it had actually warmed up for the day.


Stephanie had made it a family affair and brought all her siblings and kids.

Cross E is the perfect place for kids of all ages. The corn maze was broken into three different mazes. We loved doing the mini maze with the kids. The kids had to find different animal prints and report back.

They LOVED it.

I've always been hesitant about taking my 4 & 3 year kids into a corn maze, because what if we got LOST for a WHILE? You know what I mean? My husband did get a map, so it made it just fine.

Cross E has a pumpkin patch where you can go and cut your own. But the best part about this pumpkin patch is that you are in a sunflower field too!

Be sure to stop at the mini hay maze with the kids.

The slides (there's a bigger one too) were a hit with everyone. Even the adults went down a few times.

The blow up jumpers are a favorite too. The adults did a few tricks too.

Cross E Ranch will always be a favorite. From pumpkin patches to baby animal days!

Thanks to Cross E Ranch for having us! Be sure to check out our past articles on Cross E.


Saturday was the perfect day to play at Cross E Ranch!! It was fun to see Steph there, I'm sad I didn't run into the rest of you. I'm already planning our next trip because we didn't have enough time to do it all, had to get home for naptime :)

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