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Bountiful City, you have officially outdone yourself (Slow clap.) Creekside Park is unlike any park we've seen before. You can tell the landscape of the area was carefully considered as there are many mature trees all over the park. We've also never seen slides THIS big. Plus so much MORE!

Awesome Playground. Check.

Awesome Toys. Check.

Awesome Location by Creek. Check.

(Riz's shirt is from local Utah Shop Sawyer.)

Bridge. Check.

Walking Paths that are wheel friendly. Check. (Similar HoverBoard.)

Lovely tree. Check.

Seriously! See that slide!?


Creekside Park officially has it all! Bathrooms, pavilions, water toys, huge grassy areas, bike/wheelchair/stroller/scooter path, plenty of benches and picnic tables, swings, slides, ropes. I mean I could go on and on.

The park officially opened Saturday, April 21st. Today, we went (Monday the 22nd) and. it. was. packed! We went around noon, but don't worry, by 3 pm the crowds had cleared. (Yes, we stayed that long.) So we highly recommend avoiding a visit around noon. 

They have something for all ages. I braved bringing 8 kids ages 5m-12y by myself because Harmony's tire blew up on the way. (Real Life situation here.) So I brought a couple of her littles while she stopped to get it fixed.

We stayed for 4 hours and if we had brought more food we would have stayed much longer. The water park was a crowd favorite and I don't think many people knew about the river because we had it to ourselves. And I realize it's not an actual river, more of a creek, but the kids refer to it as a river so I'm going with it. The water was pretty shallow for spring, so I wasn't worried about anyone falling in and being swept away.

I was worried about leaving our stroller and hauling all the kids down the stairs but they have paved switchbacks down to the river. Luckily Locke brought his hoverboard so he had a blast pushing the stroller up and down the path while I wrangled the other 6 littles.

The Merry-Go-Round was a big favorite as well. Since the platform is at ground level, we didn't have to worry about our tiny ones falling off. We realized later that it was also ADA friendly, so a wheelchair could be rolled right on it too!

Instead of wood chips or sand, there was this spongey ground covering that is super nice. The kids ran around barefoot for a long time until the sun got hotter and the groundcover was hot too. So maybe bring some water type shoes for the kids to play in that are also good for running. (Jellies, Birks, Saltwater Sandals, some kind of water shoe.)

Has anyone noticed a lack of swings at our parks?

I was glad to see some swings because even the babies could enjoy the park!

Creekside Park is definitely Salt Project approved. We give it 10 stars!

Be sure to #thesaltproject! We'd love to hear what you think!

The Salt Project
Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • Opened April 21, 2018
  • Bring your swimmers, water toys, buckets and a towel!
  • Sunscreen. (We like this one.)
  • They have bathrooms and drinking fountains. (Watch out those steel toilet seats are COLD!)
  • No wood chips, but the soft playground material gets hot so you'll need shoes we recommend saltwaters for the river and water area. They dry fast and don't stretch when they get wet.
  • ADA Friendly
  • Paved Trails
  • Love of picnic areas
  • Parking Lot
  • Mature Trees
  • Because this park is so big, you'll want to watch your littles extra, as it covers a large area.

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