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You’d think with half of my family living in Logan, we’d actually make the trip more often, but we don’t. (much to their annoyance.)  When we DO actually make the 45 minute drive, we drive right past the little Cox Honeyland sign every time, (much to MY annoyance.)   The honey has been calling me for years.  I have a soft spot for honey bees.  Just this last week, I saved 3 bees from their impending death in the window sill.  (I know, I know, I’m a saint.)  So I was very EXCITED to plan a trip just to see the bees family.  Naturally, I went and read their website, just so I could be ready in case there was a pop-quiz on our tour.

Cox Honey has been around since 1929!  These guys know their stuff when it comes to bees.  We had the sweetest tour guide.  She explained that they didn’t actually have a giant beehive in the building (like I was thinking) but most of their honey comes in large barrels.  They have a giant pipe system that they use to heat the honey and then pour it into various containers. 

Like this.  I was dying a little inside.  All I could think was “soooo MUCH honey.  So much money…I wonder if I could convince the husband that we need this…”

They did have pans of fresh honeycomb (when I say fresh, I mean, there were some bees still in there,) were lying out on all the tables.  The honey was oozing all over.


After our little tour of the warehouse, we headed over to the gift shop.  We watched a short 4 minute (but ever informative) video of the honey process. Queen Bees, Worker Bees... you guys, bees are seriously so amazing.  They actually have a live bee hive.  (It's only there from Memorial Day to Labor Day.) The bees have a pipe where they can go in and out of the building and hive as they please.  You can even stick your ear over a little sleeve to hear them buzz. 

The Queen Bee lays like 2,000 eggs in the spring, PER DAY!

My little girl is slightly obsessed with bees.  Her favorite books include bees and she loves how they "buzz-buzz."  I'm not looking forward to the day when she finds out they're not always the fun loving bug I've made them out to bee.  (See what I did there?)

None of us had ever had honeycomb and we loved it.  Well, except for the wax part.  We basically spit that out.

The kids also loved the little flavored honey sticks.  For as sticky and messy as honey can be, my 2 year old did rather well with the honey sticks.  This place is totally worth stopping by even if just for a few minutes!  Thanks for having us Cox Honeyland!

The Gift Shop is open 10-6 M-F and 10-5 on Saturday.  The live beehive is only there Memorial Day - Labor Day.  You can also bring your own jars to fill with honey.


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