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Over Memorial Weekend we headed down to Southern Utah for our 2nd Annual Bike Ride down Coal Creek Canyon Trail in Cedar City (trying saying that five times fast.) Actually, my sister in law made the tradition with her kids and we've decided to join in. Since my bike was stolen this year (sniff, sniff and curse you thief) I decided that we should just rent some bikes in from Cedar Cycle in Cedar City.

It was a good, easy plan. We didn't have to pack up the truck just to bring down our bike and luckily our kids trailer (thrifted) was able to fit in our car. We just picked up our bikes and we were on our way!

Oh, Cedar City, how I love your red rocks.

Cedar City has a ton of pioneer heritage, it's always fun to stop and read about it. This marker is just before you get to the park.

One of our first and favorite spots to stop first is the Canyon Park. Coal "Crick" runs through the park and is a favorite with all the kids. You can build dams and stand in freezing cold water for fun.

The park also have spectacular views of the canyon, hence, Canyon Park.

The water is an brown/pink/butt color because of all the Iron. Cedar Canyon happens to be in Iron County. Aiko preferred to not touch the water as it was freezing.

Because we rented our bikes, Grandma was able to join us for the ride too!

Since it was Memorial day, we stopped along the different Veteran's parks along the river to pay our respects.

I can't even tell you how many parks we passed. I think three or four along the way? There are lots of ways to start the trail in the city. We decided to end at the park near the Skate park. There's a bowery and some swings, so it's a good place to sit and wait for the grown-ups to go and pick up all the cars!

Typically, we stop at the cemetery to go and clean off family graves but this year we did it a little later.

If you have time, stop by and wander the cemetery. It's got some crazy OLD headstones and many of them are in sandstone that has been worn away in the weather. Plus, it's right next door to the Frontier Homestead State Park Museum, Hermies, and Brad's Food Hut!

Thanks to Cedar Cycles for our bike rentals! While this is a sponsored post, The Salt Project's opinions are our own.

To see our bike ride the previous year click here.

Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips

3.4 Miles

This trail runs from Bicentennial Park, north and east past the city ball fields and Rotary Centennial Veterans Park, through East Canyon Park, and east up Cedar Canyon. It can be accessed from many points along the way. Along the way are some parks, a "crick" not "creek" that the kids can play in, a veteran's park and a whole bunch of other stops.  It's a fun place to ride your bikes, picnic, roller blade or just walk along.

The Canyon Park has a ton of shade, trees and bowery, bathroom, running water, drinking fountain, two play grounds, lots of grass and volleyball nets.

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