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I ran track and field growing up and then got into running half marathons as an adult. (I’m not brave enough to attempt the full ones!) I wanted to find an activity that I could share with my son and decided that he should try running with me, so I started looking into kids’ running options. My husband helped him and his sister run a kids K while I ran one of my races a few years back, and although he had a ton of fun it was sort of a one-time thing.

I was going to just have him start running with me in the mornings, but then I discovered that Layton City has a youth cross country league for kids ages 9 and up. We signed him up and at first he hated us, but by the end of the season he was good enough to keep up with me on my short runs and even registered for his own 5K rather than the kids K this time.

Last year he ran the Layton Classic, which we love because they had some fun, free entertainment for all our littler kids while they waited to cheer their brother on.

It was so cool to watch his confidence as he raced with a bunch of adults. I love when kids get to be part of the “real world” rather than just doing things through school or youth organizations. Sometimes I’ve found it’s nice to invite them into my world, rather than me just always accommodating their activities. Plus, it opened his eyes as to what he can accomplish.

Also, we now have an activity that we both enjoy doing that helps us exercise our bodies and gives us a chance to chat and spend time together.

The Classic is happening again this weekend, you can still register on the spot or find a race near you and try running with your kids. You'll be amazed at how they open up and start conversations during that time and by how much their little bodies can actually do!


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