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Are you guys loving this spring weather as much as we are? We know it’s still just the beginning of March but this weather is making us feel like summer is just a week or two away. Unfortunately, although it may feel like spring has arrived here in the valley, all our favorite hiking trails are still sprinkled with snow, or wet mud at least. Hiking just isn’t possible this time of year.

But this weather! It’s making us long for the days when we can head to the mountains and spend the day exploring all the beauty Utah has to offer! But just because we can’t hike some trails doesn’t mean we can’t get out into nature and explore a little. It’s warm enough for that at least!

Our favorite trails for this time of year are the paved kind. They are free of snow and mud but still allow us to get that “in the mountains” feel. This week we tried a new paved trail, the City Creek Canyon trail.

Have you been here? At the moment the landscape is still pretty dead and the trees are bare, but it still managed to take our breath away. My six year old even said at one point, “Oh mom, I’ve missed hiking so much!” and “Look at that view!”. Oh, it felt so good to get out into nature!

City Creek Canyon trail is a 6.2 mile out-and-back (which just means the way in is also the way out) paved trail. The whole 6.2 miles is paved! Walkers/Runners, bikers, dogs on leashes and service vehicles are allowed to use the trail. We went on a weekday morning before noon and saw about 5 other people using the trail. One biker and the others were runners. About 4 service vehicles passed us. They passed us extremely cautiously. It was very obvious that everyone was used to sharing the trial and they were all very polite and safe. This made it very easy to enjoy the trail with my kids.

One of my favorite parts of this trail was the stream that follows the entire trail. Nothing says you’re in the mountains like the sound of a gently flowing stream.

Here’s a map

Helpful Tips
  • I had my GPS direct me to Bonneville Drive and 11th avenue and then continued on Bonneville Drive. Turn right onto City Creek Canyon Trail. Continue on this road for just a minute and you’ll see the parking lot and building marking where the trail begins.

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