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This fall my friend told me about a company called Citrus Pear that helps you put together freezer meals. I was intrigued with #readsbonusbaby due in a few months. This being our 5th child, I knew some freezer meals would a huge help. By the time I finally got around to googling them and checking out the schedule they were pretty booked. So I opted to attend a class 3 weeks after the baby was born. 

I ended up taking Breckyn (10 yrs) with me to help if the baby needed to eat (which of course he did). The website says there is no room for extra people but she was able to sit off to the side and keep an eye on the baby. When he woke up half way through the class I stopped to nurse and she took over at my station. The staff was incredibly kind and helpful and made sure everything got put in my bag while I was nursing the baby off to the side.

When I was done feeding him I handed him off to Breckyn and got back to work. It actually worked out perfectly. Everyone was so kind and helpful.

This was my first time doing anything like this so I didn't know what to expect. It was an awesome experience! The staff was amazing and helpful. Everything was so well organized. We made 10 meals in about an hour and forty-five minutes and that includes chopping and slicing and dicing all the veggies. The staff added most of the items that needed to be measured, and together as a team we busted it out. I was so impressed that we could work that fast and efficient. These Jokari Bag Holders are life savers too!

They provide everything! All the produce is selected, pre washed, and prepped and ready before you arrive! All you have to do is show up and bring a cooler (preferable one on wheels, the food is VERY heavy).

Some people came with friends, others of us made friends when we got there.

Here is my cooler full of food with 10 meals to feed 6-8 people. You also have the option to split your meals into 2 bags so you have 20 meals to feed 3-4 people.

When we finished, one of the staff offered to help me wheel out my cooler since I had the baby carrier to hold. She even loaded it all in my car. Seriously amazing service! I was blown away. These girls went above and beyond to help any way they could.

And the best part, they clean up! That's right, you just leave when you are done.

I was very impressed with Citrus Pear and we can't wait to cook up our first meal. My family will be so grateful for a homecooked hot meal and I'll I have to do is drop it in the crock pot!

Citrus Pear has locations all over Utah and Idaho, check out their locations and class availability on line.


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