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My grandparents live just outside of Las Vegas, so I grew hearing the name Cirque Du Soleil and seeing advertisements pretty frequently when we’d go for a family visit. When I heard that one of their shows, OVO was coming to Utah I was stoked! I literally had considered a trip to another state just to see one of their performances, so a chance to go see them without the added cost and hassle of a road trip was quite enticing and I was so excited when they invited us out for opening night.

The OVO show is a story about an insect world... I haven't seen any of the other Cirque Du Soleil shows, so I guess I can't compare, but it seemed like this made an absolutely perfect theme for their show, because nothing those talented people can do looks even remotely human! They really do move around like a super-strength ant, or high jumping grasshopper or fly across the stage like a butterfly... honestly it fit so perfectly.

I’d say the only deterrent would perhaps be the price, as tickets definitely cost more than just your typical weekend movie budget. But it is seriously AMAZING!!

I’ve even seen video clips on YouTube and such, so I knew what to expect. But seeing people that talented live and in person, on stage right in front of you, was a completely thrilling experience. I mean on YouTube, I assume they are only going to show their successful stunts, but live I honestly found myself holding my breath at times, as though I was the one precariously dangling from someone’s leg… who is dangling from a rope… which is a good eight meters above the ground with no safety net underneath… all while twisting, bending and stretching in ways that are NOT humanly possible!

Crazy talented people from all over the world!!

I also loved that there was a live band. My daughter has been taking violin lessons and was excited to see someone so talented play in tandem with an acrobatic performance. Also, super impressive soundtrack. The music played perfectly with every emotion and sense of suspense and lively interactions. Also, small perk, it wasn’t at all like a quiet ballet performance or anything, the music was intense enough that my little one (5-years-old) was able to point and shout out or audibly gasp every now and then without disturbing anyone around us. Clapping and cheers throughout the show were encouraged from what I could gather, so it was perfect for a family outing that didn’t require little ones to hold perfectly still or remain completely silent.

The ants were the first act and they performed this synchronized foot juggling as they played with their food passing it around and down the line. Definitely caught the kids' attention and drew them into the show.

Next up was the dragonfly, who basically did things balancing upside-down, on a stick, on one hand, things that I can't do standing on my own two feet. His strength and balance skills were crazy!

Then this cocoon looking drape comes out and a human somehow emerges using movements just like those of a butterfly, all while dangling from a strip of silk cloth. It was like ballet, while appearing to almost float in the air.

After the solo butterfly, a pair of butterflies come out and using two little straps fly, twist, flip and swing all over the stage. This was one of my favorite acts and what I pictured when I imagined a Cirque Du Soleil show. I couldn't believe the sheer strength, coordination and flexibility those people have! It looked amazingly graceful and flowed effortlessly. For some reason I assumed they were always strapped into safety harnesses or something when performing at those heights, but from what I could tell in person, they just hold on really tight and trust each other A LOT!

Then there was another juggling act, this one with little spools spinning and being caught on a string he held while again flipping and twisting and who knows what!

I don't even know what the next guy was supposed to be, my kids called him the caterpillar, but he was basically a series of giant slinky-like tubes and he'd bend, twist and call across the stage in such a way that I often couldn't tell which end was his head and which was his feet as every time I thought I knew he'd flip over and continue his crazy movements again! It was quite unique and totally bizarre to watch.

They then set up a trapeze aerial act and a bunch of scarab beetles get tossed all over... my favorite was they had one movement where the flyer girls were tossed up and over the catchers heads so they were catching flying humans that were coming from a direction they couldn't even see. Reminded me of a human Hail Mary pass where the quarterback throws a desperate blind ball into the end zone hoping someone will reach up and grab it!

I can't even think of how to describe these spiders' act. Mind boggling, I am still trying to figure out how they contort into those positions without having all their bones removed first. Seriously speechless, dumfounded!

These fun little, high-energy fleas then ran around, basically juggling themselves as they were tossed into the air in what looked like extreme cheerleading moves.

My son got a slackline for his birthday and we've had fun learning how to proudly walk a whole 4 feet across it before we fall off... so when this male spider comes out on a non-tension high wire and starts balancing, upside-down, on a unicycle we were all slack-jawed. They all somehow make their acts look so effortless that even knowing how crazy skilled they are, I start to forget the true degree of difficulty until I am reminded of how ridiculously hard it actually is. Like, INSANE!

The final act was apparently the crickets, we thought they were grasshoppers the whole time, but either way they were a whole colony of guys that used trampolines to vault 25+ feet into the air, ran up walls and performed tumbling routines the rivaled the Olympics, only with much more showmanship. I loved that there were a bunch of them all flying all over the place simultaneously. It was crazy cool looking and really did remind me of jumping insects!


Such a great experience to see this show live! Definitely a bucket list item checked off my list! The kids also really enjoyed the three main bugs, a fly, a ladybug and some insect whose role that reminded me of the village mayor. They provided the comic relief and played around keeping us all entertained between acts while the stage was being reset for each new performance. They were delightful and engaging! From what we could gather the fly had a crush on the lonely ladybug, but also had far too much energy and a huge need for attention. While the mayor-like character ran around trying to maintain order, while getting no respect... that could be totally off however, as they only spoke insect and despite their awesome dialog, we couldn't actual understand a thing being said!

The shows runs in Utah through Sunday night. Tickets can be purchased online (we found a deal for a family 4-pack here) or in person at the Maverick Center (not as convenient, but you get to avoid those 'convenience fees' that seem to increase every time I go to buy something :)


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