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On a rainy day is Salt Lake City, we found ourselves at the New Church History Museum.

It was a Saturday, it was UEA weekend, and it was rainy, so it was a little crowded. But... it was still amazing! And I just want to go back even more.

The museum re-opened its doors October 2015 with an all new interactive exhibit "The Heavens Are Opened".

If you have been to the Mormon Battalion Historic Site in Old Town, San Diego, California, then you know what's in store for you at this new museum. If not, I highly recommend going to both. They are both FREE, they are full of history, and they are absolutely 100% kid friendly in every way possible.

You won't find someone following you around to make sure your kids don't break anything. You won't find someone giving you the stink eye and telling your kids to be quiet. Nope. Its 100% kid friendly, I promise.

All of the pictures on the wall move and talk, like "Whoa!" Did that picture just move? Yes, it did.

The gold plates.

Everything was like a giant iPad, or a real iPad. There were iPads everywhere. Most of the screens were touch screens.

As you walk through the museum, you follow the trail that the LDS Saints followed with buildings along the way. The kids loved it!

This is Carthage Jail and a photo of a random guy that I assumed was a similar height as Joseph Smith (the LDS prophet that was jailed there). Notice how short the ceiling was! He couldn't stand up straight while he was there.

Something to grab their attention at every turn.

Lifting stone onto the temple without modern machines.

These are the clothes that Hyrum Smith was wearing when he was shot and killed.

This city of Nauvoo.

Then we headed upstairs where you will find a play area for the kids.

The littles played/destroyed in the nice padded play area while the older kids explored the learning stations.

Building station, of course Locke (10yrs) loved this station.

Inside the boat there was a movie playing.

Origami Station

The kids could have stayed here ALL the live long day! But we pulled them away to go check out the rest of the museum.

The art was absolutely breathtaking. Next time I go, I want to go for a few hours without kids so I can just enjoy the beautiful art.

More iPads. All. Over. The. Place.

This was a replica of the golden plates. They were about 50 pounds. The kids go to try lifting them.

A replica of the podium in the podium in the Conference Center.

A replica of the Angel Moroni

We loved seeing the Prophet exhibit. We have been studying the life of the Prophets this year in school and it was fun for the kids to see photos to go along with the stories we have been reading.

And a mini replica of the Conference Center.

Then back down stairs to watch a short film. The film is shown on a screen that is 320 degrees! Almost a full 360! Its pretty amazing!

Be sure to check in at the front desk and get a ticket to the film first, so you can explore while you wait for your show time.

They also have pamphlets at the front desk to help the kids explore the museum.

Kids loved it. Mom and dad loved it. Baby loved the play area.

(801) 240-3310

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