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We were invited to attend a Field Trip to The Tree House with a Home School group last week. I have been to the museum before, but never for a legit field trip, so I was surprised that it was a full on planned/educational experiences. With our group, we had a special rate for the kids, parents and babies were free. (After our 3 hour field trip, they invited us to pay the difference of a full ticket if we wanted to stay longer).

We started with a re-enactment of the medieval times.

Berdee (18m) walked around and explored while the kids acted and watched the show.

Then we were lead into the craft room to make a coat of arms on a shield.

After our craft, we went to the theater where Locke and Breckyn had parts in a play and acted it out as the narrator told the story. Everyone was involved. Even the audience had a part.

After the play we had about an hour and a half to go explore the museum.

Breckyn (8yrs) loved playing school.

The diner was a HUGE hit. The kids spent most of their free play cooking, cleaning, and serving up some grub.

Oh, and then there is the giant tree. They ran and ran and ran. Even the baby (18m) didn't stop for at least 20 minutes, over the bridge back and forth.

We just finished reading Harry Potter, so this life size chess set was a huge win!

We ended the day with one more craft then headed home before melt downs.

Breckyn was so hot from running around, she asked if she could go outside to cool off. I said she could go out and then come right back in. I sat at the top of the stairs with the baby while I watched her. She hadn't taken two steps outside before an employee at the front desk was running after her. I saw him ask her to come back in. She looked a little bummed that her cool off session was cut short, but I was SO thankful to know that the employees are watching and aware when kids walk out without their grown up. Berd got lost earlier in the day when we were down stairs playing and I had a total panic attack until we found her. I had all 4 kids running around, calling her came. We found her about 5.3 seconds later, in the barn with the cow. But I'm comforted to know that she wouldn't be able to break out of the joint on her own.

I really love this museum because I feel like I can just sit back and let the kids explore and learn and pretend and have fun. Also, my babe (18m) likes it just as much as my 10 yr old.

Helpful Tips

Admission Policies

Because Treehouse is for children and families, all children must be accompanied by a grown-up and all grown-ups must be accompanied by a child age 1-12. Tours for interested grown-ups (educators, grandparents, etc.) may be arranged by calling Treehouse at 801-394-9663.

Treehouse is often quite busy and strollers can block walkways, limiting wheelchair access, and even damage exhibits. Because of this all strollers must be parked in the locker lobby. Exceptions are made for moms with physical issues, twins, and sleeping babies. Treehouse has small baby slings for loan.


  • If you have a Membership the lockers are included as well.
  • Leave your strollers at home.  They don't really let you take them pass entry.
  • With my 2 year old we usual go for an hour at a time.
  • The Membership is totally the way to go!  Think birthday presents, Christmas presents, but lasts for a whole year. Plus ANY two adults can use the pass with the child.  So it's awesome for Grandparents outings too.

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