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Let's talk about this crazy place called Cherry Hill. I grew up less than 10 minutes from this place and somehow never went near it! We are just going to be talking about their water park, which is just one of the many features here!

Cherry Hill is wayyyyy bigger than I expected.

There really is something for everyone to do of all ages.
There is a toddler area with a pirate ship, fountains and a little water slide. Aiko actually really loved the little water slide. It was the perfect size for a small two year old.

They have a couple different pools to swim in. Stephanie's kids loved just jumping in over and over again.

The Dragon water slides were our favorite. Be sure to check in on the sleeping baby dragon! You can either use a mat (picked up at the bottom) or go without. Going with a mat was much faster. We did both AND took both our babies (1.5 yrs and 2.5 years) on the slide. I can't say they loved it, but they didn't get dunked or splashed on the slide at all.

I loved how there was a whole theme park feel. From the wizards, dragons and pirate ship, it was kind of fun to see all the different characters.

I loved the fact that we didn't have to rent tubes. They had them at the bottom of the slides for everyone to use.

At the lazy river you just grab an empty tube as you go around. It made it so much easier so we didn't have to babysit a tube.

We loved going here and want to try ALL the different venues! Like camping...who's been camping here before? Who knew you even could? Not I. I've also heard their pies are pretty good, but we didn't have a chance to try them out either. Tell us all your tips! What do we need to see?

Thanks for the tickets Indie Ogden!

Other things to do at Cherry Hill:

  • Water Park
  • Camping (!!!)
  • Miniature Golf
  • Jungle Maze
  • Junior Jungle Boats
  • Battlestar Blasters
  • Panning for Gems
  • The Rock
  • Aeroball
  • Hamster Haven Playground
  • Concerts & Food Service
  • Gift Shop
  • Pies
Entrance Fee(s)
Click the link. There are too many options!
Helpful Tips
  • Don't bring a tube, they have them at each station.
  • You could bring a kid life jacket, but it's mainly just for the swimming pools.
  • Get there early to save a shady spot and chairs. There is grass, but it was pretty wet.
  • Bring Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Pack a lunch or buy something there.
  • Make sure to bring a baby diaper and a plastic baby cover. All children under 3 must wear both. (available at the gift shop.)
  • You can either go a few hours (like we did) or go the whole day.
(801) 451-5379

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