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Sometimes, I think, "my kids are too little to do some stuff." Like paddle boarding.

While I've been paddle boarding a whole single time, I've always been too afraid to take the kids. Especially without their dad. He's basically a fish swimming in the water. I'm more of a log. I also made the last-minute decision to bring my dog. How would this all end? I didn't know. Luckily, the kids like their Auntie Hali.

We decided to go and hope for the best. The paddle boards are inflatable so the kids had some time to get used to the surroundings.

Once we got the boards inflated we were ready to go!

Everything just fell into place. (Sometimes, I feel like we can't get our rhythm, no matter the activity.) Luckily, the stars aligned and we found our groove. I had my worries. Would they kids crawl all over? Would they tip us over? Would they cry the whole time? Would we get stranded?

Luckily, the kids did no more than put their chubby legs and hands in the water. It was kind of adorable.

If you haven't had a chance to visit Causey, you really need to take a day trip. Even if it's just to drive up and look. There are a lookout and even a boat dock area. The cliffs and views are pretty amazing. It's a hot spot for kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, wading, and even cliff jumping.

There is also a trail around the reservoir. We've kayaked all the way to the end of the Causey Fingers. I've heard there is also a salmon run too. I've fished many hours along the shores...with hardly any fish on my line. There is also a big Boy Scout of America Campground up on the Northern Side.

We used to spend a lot of time up here. I mean a lot of time. I'm glad we came back, it felt like coming home.

My dog, The Kona, spent many summers up here with me before we had kids. Kona hadn't forgotten about Causey. She totally remembered. She's 11 years and it's like she was a young pup again. She swam the whole time like it was nothing. When we used to go cliff jumping, she would wait down on the bottom and swim right to us, making sure we were safe. Apparently, she is quite the spectacle. (Don't worry, we have a life vest for her.)

I was beaming the whole time!

My babies were happy, the mountains were gorgeous, my dog was in her zone and everything was going pretty dandy.

Be sure to stop and love the flowers!

My sandals are from local Utah shop, Unshoes. I've been wearing them daily and so far I'm pretty happy.

I must have gotten cocky because suddenly, baby Orion and I flipped over. Luckily, I was close and got him right up on the paddleboard again. His diaper didn't even get wet. I'll admit, it wasn't my favorite moment in life, but Orion is a strong boy.

He's a super trooper. Had it been his sister, she would have been an emotional mess. Luckily, everyone started smiling within minutes.

Aiko even got brave enough to stand a little and come onto our paddleboard for a quick photo.

Nothing like seeing your kids grow a little stronger and braver.

We only went as far as the cliffs, it takes a while to get back into the Fingers and the wind gets kind of strong. I didn't want to push our luck with the kids or try fighting the wind.

So we made our way back to shore.

It really is a pretty place.

The water was pretty high. Later in the summer, the water will be lower and the shores much rockier. We were right by the dike. It was the flattest area that was right by the water. There is a really big flat area on the other side of the dike, but it's higher up and I didn't want the kids trying to climb up and down the whole time. You can also have a fire in the firepit there too. I've had many fires there. You can't miss it.

We set up our towels and ate all our snacks and lunch. We took easy finger foods that didn't need any silverware.

After lunch, the kids were ready to explore. (Make sure to wear shoes, there are lots of fishing hooks.) I was pretty excited to find this crawdad, only to discover that he was dead...and had been for quite some time.

The Kona was quite tired. She crawled up on the towels and went to sleep.

Hali couldn't wait for lunch, all she wanted to fish. She's kind of obsessed. She even spent a few minutes teaching the kids how to fish.

Apparently, I need to up my fishing game. I love to fish, but again, it's one of those things I haven't done because I think "they are too little."

If you are looking for paddleboards, you should check out Nomad Paddle in Ogden! The paddleboards are inflatable, so you don't have to have a big vehicle. They have a pretty awesome Groupon going right now.

Until next time Causey. It'll be soon, mark my words!

Be sure to check out our camping post from last year. Some of my favorite camping spots are just below Causey Reservoir. Kid-friendly too! Plus river camping spots.

Helpful Tips

Things to do at Causey.

  • Fish (with a fishing license)
  • Hike
  • Boat (Only no wake motors.) You must also wear a lifejacket. People get tickets all the time if they aren't.
  • Kayak - You must also wear a lifejacket. People get tickets all the time.
  • Paddle board - You must also wear a lifejacket. People get tickets all the time.
  • Cliff Jump (Use extreme caution, many people have drowned over the years.) You must also wear a lifejacket. People get tickets all the time.
  • Wade by the shores
  • Camp
  • Picnic

Things to know.

  • No Bathrooms (Or there could be some at the boat dock area. I couldn't find it online and it's been a long time. We didn't usually go to the boat dock area.)
  • No drinking water
  • No cell phone reception. You can drive back down the road a ways for reception.
  • It's usually quite empty during the morning and late afternoon.
  • Weekends are super busy. Lots of high school and college kids.
  • You can park along the dike and basically anywhere you can find it. Make sure to leave enough passing space.

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