Cascade Springs

Cascade falls is a fun little place to explore. Not really a hike, but a connecting set of paved and boardwalk paths through a forest covered in waterfalls and springs. 

You take a stair case down to the falls from the parking lots and you are there! Super easy. There are bridges, and paths that connect all throughout the lower part of the falls, and you can take the paved path up to the upper part where there is a large field of rivers and springs and more paved paths and bridges.

This is a very popular place because it is so unique. We went on a Saturday and the parking lot was full, but people were leaving every few minutes, so the cars rotate quickly. 

There is parking available on the side of the road further up if need be.

This was a great place to just let the kids run and explore. So much to see. And the trail only has about .8 miles of paths, and they all connect, so you can make it as long or short as you like.

I hope this guide was helpful. Be sure to check out more on our Instagram.

Helpful Tips

Pit toilets 

Dogs on leash

.8 miles of paves and boardwalk trails (about 20 minutes)

The road to the Springs is 15 minute drive up the canyon with no pull offs


• SEASONAL ROAD CLOSURE: Roads leading to this trailhead are subject to seasonal closure. For more information, please visit

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