Carver's Cove Petting Farm

I don't know how your summer is going but has anyone else's kids been sick forever!! It's kind of maddening. One kid gets it and everyone after that. It goes on for weeks.

Luckily, my sister asked if we wanted to go for a drive. It's the perfect thing to do with one baby getting over sickness + her older brother and sister who just started getting sick. We drove up to Causey Reservoir and I seriously wished everyone felt better, the water was calling us.

In the end, we drove all the around Pineview Reservoir and happened upon Carver's Cove Petting Farm. I hadn't packed snacks or diapers or really anything, so I thought we should eat first and see how we felt after that. We ended up eating at Mad Moose Cafe, which was pretty good. Afterwards, the kids were tired and whiney, so I convinced them that we should come back the next morning with their dad (and the cooler weather.)

So here we are, the next day we came and I'm so glad we did. We had the place almost to ourselves for a good 15 minutes.

We also arrived promptly at 10am, I'm not sure we've been on-time in a while. 

When we walked in, paid and Audrey, the owner, gave us the run down on the rules and then we were free to walk around.

We were also greeted by a tiny, white, baby goat.

The tiny baby goat immediately jumped on my little Orion, who was petrified.

He happened to have the animal food, which the baby goat wanted. It took him a while to get over it. ;)

They had so many animals! We decided to head left first to see what was in store for us. 

I loved the fact that most of the animals were miniatures. They were extra cute and fluffy!

There were quite a few babies too. We loved seeing this tiny colt, who was extra tiny since he was some kind of miniature.

My fifteen month Vesper LOVES animals. She's not afraid of much.

My other two kids however, took some serious convincing. I was joking with my husband how most of my photos would be of him feeding the animals, since our kids wouldn't hand feed the animals.

Aiko eventually go the courage to try. We had a good conversation about the teeth of all the animals and that she should be okay. She would just giggle, since most of their muzzles were so soft.

Orion was still a little jaded from the tiny goat, so he preferred to play and watch from afar.

I missed it the moment but the same tiny goat followed us around and I felt that Vesper and baby goat were becoming quite the little buddies.

I found this hilarious, but it's probably because I own a dog. Meet Ely. He's in his own field so you can throw him a ball, which he will faithfully sprint after over and over and over again.

Tiny Vesper was enthralled. She was toddling all over...until she came face to face with a miniature sheep, who happened to "Baaaa" right in her face. She was a little more cautious afte this.

The full sized horses were quite a contrast to all the tiny animals around.

Baby Pigs! Orion claimed these as his favorite. Beware, these guys kind of nibble with teeth.

My kids kept trying to feed the chickens the whole time

Let's talk about the Giant Flemish Rabbits, they can get up to 40 pounds! That's as big as my 5 1/2 year old! There were some baby rabbits, only 5 weeks and they looked like full grown rabbits.

Oh man, we also loved the Pot Bellied Pigs! This is Jake, he's actually the owner's pet pig who lives in the house with them.

More pigs!

There's also a kitten barn, where you can pull them out and hold them. I even heard a gal say that the kittens are free and that you can take one home. (You'll have to ask for sure.)

Last but not least is the beloved horse ride!

I was kind of suprised that each of the kids walked right up and got on.

Especially, my tiny Orion. Last time I had to bribe him.

Of course the kids had to put on their "Cowboy" hats since we were going to a farm.

Orion even fed the horse Reno! I was beaming with pride.

Can you spot Jake the pig?

We truly loved this place. I was chatting with Steph and we were saying how busy Baby Animal Days are now. It's not quite as fun with all the longs lines and crowds.

I'm not sure how busy Carver's Cove gets, but it was NOTHING compared to the business of all the other Baby Animal Days we've been to in the past.

We stayed about an hour and went through two containers of baby food. It was the perfect amount of time, as it was started to get extra hot. We've decided to make this an annual trip and plan on visiting soon!

Be sure to #thesaltproject if you go, we'd love to see your photos. Also, be sure to read the tips below.

Wednesday thru Saturday
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM* (2:00 PM in September)
The farm will be closed on most major summer holidays.
*On days of extreme heat, closing time is 2:00 PM *Please call if the weather is questionable. (Heavy rain on a farm makes for a muddy mess!)
Entrance Fee(s)
$8 per person
Children under 12 Months are free
Horse ride included with admission for 12 yrs old and under.
Helpful Tips
  • Call (801-745-3018) for possible discount rates for your party/groups.
  • Stroller friendly, dirt paths.
  • Can be muddy.
  • Bathrooms available.
  • Be sure to read over the rules. Audrey (the owner) will usually give you the run down on the rules before letting you roam.
  • Bottled water can be purchased.
  • Hand Sanitizer pretty much everywhere.
(801) 745-3018

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