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I have a memory from my childhood of taking our family station wagon to the car wash. We waited inside a building and watched out a window to see our car driving past us covered in bubbles. I don't know what it is about car washes but kids LOVE them! 

My kids never say "Mom can we go to the bank?" or "can we go to the post office, "or even "can we go get gas." No, but I do hear "Mom, can we go to the car wash?" So this day I said, "Yes kids, yes we can".

Magic Wash is new in South Ogden, right where Highway 89 meets Harrison Boulevard. It's fancy, shiny and bright red. All the things that kids love. But wait, it gets better. I have it on good authority that this place is about to get even fancier! If that's even possible. Think Disney meets Magic Wash. Yes I said Disney. I'll keep you posted.

We tried the monthly package and received a little sticker that we put on our windshield. Now every time we come we just drive thru, no stopping at the window.

Complimentary air freshener and suckers for the kids. Now the kids were squealing with delight!

And now the fun part! Soap! I swear this was like a Lagoon ride for them!

Suckers and smiles!

Of course, the air freshener.

Bam! Done. Just like that. We got a clean car and the kids went on a joy ride. All in about 60 seconds!

Look at that shiny car, looks almost like new, or like a nice shiny 13 year old car. But hey, its shiny!

A worker came out and wiped us down. Such great service.

The vacuums are self service and there is one on each side of your vehicle when you pull up, so I had my 10 year old hop and and vacuum his side while I did the driver side. And just like that 6 months worth of animal crackers, french fries, and basically every particle of food we have ever eaten in the car was gone! 

Snacks. You never know when you might need an ice cold beverage. Am I right?

And off we went. With our nice clean car. Thanks Magic Wash, for entertaining my kids and saving my grandma car from rusting out on me after this Utah winter. Also, HUGE thanks for the super powerful vacuums. Like, really, really. 


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