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Welcome to Day 2 of Capitol Reef! We only spent half a day in Capitol Reef National Park, so here's the 3 things we did.

1. Visit Goosenecks Overlook

We woke up from The Broken Spur Inn, had a delicious breakfast and headed out. It was fairly cool for being the middle of the desert, but after 15 minutes walking out to Goosenecks Overlook we were sweating! We were soon taking off all the layers we had so carefully put on.

Goosenecks Overlook is pretty amazing, not quite as cool as this Gooseneck but lovely nonetheless.

The kids got quite adventurous during this short walk.

2. Take the boardwalk for the Petroglyphs

Since we had already taken the Scenic Drive, we decided to take Highway 24 so we could see the Petroglyphs. For some reason they aren't on their main map, but you'll see signs for the pullout.

You can also take the walkway to see the other Petroglyphs that we managed to miss, but drove by.

3. Hike the Fremont River

There's hike we read about and then heard about from the Rangers. It doesn't have a name or even a real path. It's just behind the visitor center and you basically just follow upriver to a waterfall.

It's about a mile hike in mostly sun, but since you can go in an out of the river, we didn't think it was bad at all. My husband doesn't like to get his feet wet (for some reason) so he was much hotter since he didn't wade through the river like his mom and I.

We started the hike around 10-10:30, so we did find some shade every once in a while.

Since we didn't know how strenuous this hike would be, we didn't let the kids get out of their packs. This hike had a very Zion-feel to it. I've always loved hiking through canyons.

Before we knew it, we'd found the first waterfall. I doubt we hiked more than an hour.

We released the kids so they could explore.

Or have a mud bath. Aiko is usually my very clean person, so I'm not sure why she gave herself a mud bath or why her dad let her do it either. He's also very opposed to getting dirty.

We've heard that you can continue on the hike for three more waterfalls, but naptime was upon us and I didn't pack lunches.

The scenery in Capitol Reef really is crazy beautiful.

Along the way up the river we noticed this stone building, so I made sure that we stopped to visit on the way home. (I didn't see any signs about trespassing or touching anywhere.)

The hike really was easy enough for my almost 4 year old. She actually walked back the mile by herself. Since we'd already been to our destination I don't mind taking it slow on the way back with her.

Can't hike without my Unshoes (made in Utah.)

So if you find yourself with only a half day or so in Capitol Reef, be sure to hit up these suggestions or check out our past post about Capitol Reef.


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