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We woke up from our stay at Escalante Outfitters, walked the slot canyon near Boulder and after half a day of exploring, we finally made it to Torrey Utah. You might be wondering where all these little towns are in Utah, well, South-Central Utah is the best description.

Why are we even in that part of Utah? It was my husbands super long way to drive to Monticello, which is in South-Eastern Utah. See, we were suppose to go to the Grand Opening at the Canyon Country Discovery Center in Monticello and my husband refused to drive the same way we'd already driven. So instead, we drove to Cedar City and made an extra long loop to try and get to Monticello. I say "try" because we never made it to Monticello.

Do you ever get those feelings...that maybe you shouldn't be doing or going somewhere? Well at 5:30 AM in Cedar City I awoke with this feeling that we probably shouldn't go all the way to Monticello. It was weird, but the more I thought about it, the more anxious I felt about it. So, we canceled our hotel in Monticello and agreed that it was okay to go as far as Capital Reef National Park. (Don't ask me why, but I felt okay about going that far.)

Anyways, super long explanation, but that's why we were in the tiny town of Torrey, just outside of Capitol Reef National Park. We partnered up with the Broken Spur Inn.

You can go and read our review here.

After checking in and unloaded some stuff (how do explode in the car?) we were off to check out Capitol Reef National Park.

The drive in is pretty spectacular. It was cloudy so everything was kind of moody and then suddenly, the clouds lifted and let out the sunshine. We stopped at the visitor center to get our stamps and buy a new National Parks Pass.

After, we headed straight to Fruita. Fruita is a historic town within the park that is acres full of fruit orchards and camping. Fruita consists of 3,000 fruit trees, school house, the Gifford (shown above) and a barn.

The Gifford house has homemade baked goods and ice cream. Most of the baked pies were gone and since the ice cream was a $1 per cup, we went for the ice cream. I know, it's totally hypocritical. It seems the more I don't give my kids sweets, the more my husband does. It's also getting harder to say "That's Dad's ice cream and you can't have any of it."

I did have a bite and it really was good. Strawberry was voted the best.

The view at the Gifford house was crazy cool too.

The kids found some bunnies. They weren't too scared of us until the kids ran right at them. It's fun to watch them learn new things, like how to stalk a bunny with their dad. But they got too excited still and when they got close they just couldn't contain themselves anymore. They started patting their knees and saying "here bunny, bunny."

After scaring the bunnies and pulling away the babies away, we decided to take the 8-mile paved drive on the Scenic Drive. It was completely worth every mile and continued on into The Golden Throne (which is not paved and sort of exciting driving through a GIANT CANYON.)

Like canyon road.

At the end of the road is The Golden Throne Trailhead.

While we didn't take the strenuous Golden Throne hike, we did do the mile hike in that led to pioneer names. It wasn't strenuous at all, unless you count carrying toddlers going into the limp-toddler mode.

They did walk the whole way in, but not all out.

It's crazy to see how HIGH some of the names are in the cliffs. It will blow your mind. Plus, you can see where bullets were shot into the cliffs too.

The kids were getting tired and I was getting annoyed, so we decided to just stop for a minute and let dad and grandma go on to see how much further we needed to walk.

The kids were content to climb on the rock walls and play in the sand.

Orion loves nothing more than playing with sand and rocks.

My little Aiko LOVES to climb...I need to get her into some rock climbing classes ASAP.

On the way out, the sun finally started to shine.

It made for a super pretty drive out, plus the babies slept!


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