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Once I had kids I started saying "I've always got 15 minutes." Meaning, I've always got 15 minutes to let the kids go run wild at a park. We found ourselves driving I-15 once again and this time we let them have more than 15 minutes!

Canyon View Park is right off of I-15 and just down the street from Wendy's and the gas station. 

We've driven I-15 SOOOOO many times, we know what bathrooms are decent and which to avoid. 

This time we got some fast-food and then headed the short distance to the Canyon View Park. 

It's the perfect size for my tiny kids. Sometimes kids don't even need fancy playgrounds, they just need space to run! 

Even tiny Farah was able to ride the swings this time. 

So if you find yourself stressing out because the kids are going crazy, remember "You've always got 15 minutes!"

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