Canyon Overlook Trail | 12 Utah Staycations

During our last visit to Zion, we used the FREE shuttle system so I didn't even know about the other side of Zion National Park.

There is an awesome tunnel that is over a mile long that you can drive through. Right as you exit the tunnel, start searching for a parking spot. There is a small parking lot to the right, and parking along the road to the left.

This overlook hike is basically a mini Angels Landing. It's a short hike, about 30 minutes, and the views are incredible.

There are some steep cliffs so keep the littles close.

We loved this little bridge and cave area.

This view!

There were chip monks everywhere, which got the kids super excited/scared. Luckily they were super friendly and didn't attack anyone.


This hike is so beautiful, fairly short, and great for all ages. 

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Entrance Fee(s)
National Park Fees do Apply
Helpful Tips
  • Entrance fee as it's a National Park
  • Bathrooms at the base of the hike.
  • Fairly Easy Hike
  • It's popular
  • It's right before the main tunnel coming from the East Entrance of the park.
  • Parking is right before the tunnel.
  • There are cliff drop-offs, so watch yourselves and kids carefully.
  • During the summer it's in full sun, so take plenty of water. Take water anyway.
  • Toddler friendly, Aiko (4yrs) hiked 70% of it.
  • Lots of steps and rocky trail.
  • Trail is easily identified.
  • 1.1 mile round-trip
  • Perfect in the winter months too.

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