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Camping Farmington Flats and lived to tell about it! We encountered Moose, twin baby moose (or moosen, or mooses... What ever you want to call them. Maybe they are Calfs. We'll just call them Moose littles, how about that), raccoons, flies, billions of flies, swimming holes, wild flowers and a view that stretched from Ogden to the Point of the Mountain. We were covered in dirt. No cell service. Our tent was broken. We ran out of water, baby wipes, baby diapers and Kleenex. We stayed 2 nights, 3 days, and survived the whole thing!

Here is a 60 second recap of our trip. It was one for the books. Below I'll be sharing directions to the watering hole, the best view, where to camp, or where not to camp, and some tips.

There is a map below to find the ponds, there are 3. You can park at the first one at the bottom and walk up to the top pond in less than 7 minutes (toting kids). It's a very easy nature walk with a clear trail. We wanted to swim in the top one because it was deeper and more secluded off the road.

This is the view looking back down at the ponds from above.

If you keep driving past the ponds, you will wind your way to the tip top of the mountain. The view is breathtaking. At the very top, there is a place to park and hike out onto the peak.

This is were you turn right. See map below

My dad brought up his Arctic Cat. This was the highlight of the trip, well, second to the watering hole. We had a great time checking out the trails on it.

We try to make the tent feel as much like home for the toddler. Pack n' Play, sound machine and blanket is all she needed. She fell right to sleep.

Cinnamon roll dough. Pop open the can. Wrap around a stick and put it near the coals. The dough cooks as fast as a marshmallow and tastes just like it was oven baked. These were a huge hit!

We camped in an area that didn't have a lot of grass. Only our tents were on grass. Everything else was dirt.

Dirtiest kids EVER! We didn't bring any water for washing, and barely had enough for drinking.

The truth about camping with 20 people in the middle of no where, running out of water and all supplies. Find out the true story above ^. We really did have a great time. We learned a lot and next time we will be more prepared. At least we had enough food!

Here are maps to the camping, ponds and the incredible view. Also, July at the peak is COVERED in wild flowers. It's so beautiful!

Helpful Tips

As soon as you enter the canyon you will lose cell service. There is cell service again at the top of the mountain (but not in the flats where you camp).

Take plenty of water. TP. Food. And camping gear.

If you are going to swim, take floaties or life jackets. The water is cold and clear. 


Take Farmington Canyon Rd up past Farmington pond. 

Follow to the top and take a right at the fork.

Take first right to get to ponds and/or the view of the Valley from Ogden to Point of the Mountain (Lehi).

Pass Bountiful Peak Camp Ground to find free campsites.

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