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Since we had already driven 50 miles out to the Geode Beds, hitchhiked out to the Geode Beds, we thought, why not just camp right where we parked?! So we did! 

We had packed hotdogs, sandwich meats, s' mores, and snacks, so we were ready to go! We brought the firewood out and started a fire. 

It was fairly windy so we created a wagon circle with our RVs to help block out the wind. 

It was a beautiful night. 

The kids pulled out their bikes and scooters and rode around while we were getting the fire going. 

After some warm hot dogs, s' mores and banana boats we were ready for bed.

We headed to bed fairly early, mainly because it was chilly and windy, but we didn't mind. Who knew driving could make you so tired. 

The next morning we woke up ready to crack open some geodes! 

We actually found some geodes! Actually, a LOT of geodes. It was SUPER exciting for everyone!  

Harmony had also brought along a hammer and log splitter. We found that putting the geodes on another flatter rock helped crack (or obliterate) the geodes. Sometimes the geodes would split open nicely but most of the time they would shoot everywhere and all the kids would go running after the pieces. They loved it. 

Everyone tried cracking open geodes. Some were not quite fully formed geodes and some were not geodes at all. But it made it all the more exciting.

All the kids were able to break open some Geodes (except tiny Vesper)

This is probably the biggest Geode we found. 

Aren't they beautiful?!

While Stephanie, Harmony, and kids were busy cracking geodes, the husbands were trying to get our RVs working again. Sometime in the night, our generators had stopped working, which wouldn't be a super big deal, except for it powers the slides. The generators also run things like tv, heat, water, and electricity. 

We weren't ever worried though. Our men are pretty handy. They found a manual and discovered that you can manually push in the slides. Which we did. 

It took all of us, but we finally did it! 

We decided that we should probably camp at an RV park for the night, so we could charge our generators and get that heat going! Awww, the RV life!

Goodbye Dugway Geode Beds! 

The Salt Project
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Helpful Tips
  • Bring a bucket to carry your geodes, a pickax, a rockpick, anything you can dig in the ground with. 
  • No shade anywhere. Bring some sunscreen.
  • Bring extra food and water, you don't know what could happen.
  • Tell someone before you head out there...
  • You don't always need 4Wheel Drive as we road in a van all the out there, but I could see it getting really tricky in the mud.
  • Pack it in, Pack it Out. Even though it's a desolate area, keep it beautiful.
  • No cell reception
  • Free
  • No amenities ANYWHERE
  • Camping Allowed
  • 50 miles from the nearest dirt most directions.
  • You can camp, it's BLM Land.

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