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Meet Mildred, who my kids lovingly refer to by her rapper name Lil' Mill.

She is a 1996 Coleman pop up trailer. She was covered in fur, smelled like a smoke house, and was probably just as ugly back in 1996, but maybe a little cleaner.


Y'all requested a breakdown of expenses so here they are.

They were asking 3000, we offered 2400 and they shook our hand. Then another car pulled up with a wad of cash in hand hoping to buy. The seller happily told him it was sold and apologized for his hr long drive for nothing.

Here is the break down.



Sticky B&W tiles (Lowes) $85

Primer (Ace) $13

Paint (Ace) $17

Black hardware (Lowes) $10

Fabric (on-line) $95

Curtains (Target) $40 I bought pre made curtains, cut to size and hemmed them.

All in about $260 on top of the purchase of the camper. We also had the cushions sanitized and steamed before I reupholstered.







We asked YOU for your best camper tips, this is what you said.


from our readers:

Put an old ice cream bucket under the "out spout" behind the sink outside to catch all the water

Don't forget wet wipes, Benadryl, extra towels, ibuprofen, garbage sacks

Pop up shower/toilet tent with a luggable loo

Sketch out where you put everything so you can pack up quick for each trip

List of everything you need take so you can repack quickly

Book state sites 4 months in advance

Burn mosquito coils outside

FreeRoam app for free campsites

Bring extra tent to store luggage/change clothes. Also use to store cooler and bins

Pop up garbage can

larger tires (same size as vehicle) or your could blow a tire if you go too fast

Lynx leveler

Pack clothes in plastic tubs

Sway bar to prevent swaying in the wind

Hand held vacuum or broom

Switch out electrical sockets to include the USB ports for charging phone

Waterproof your canvas

Battery operated lantern

Use old quilts or blankets for summer camping vs big bulky sleeping bags 

Pre cook, & freeze all the food you can. Will keep your cooler colder longer.

Bin to store all shoes in, so they don't clutter up the floor

Small shovel





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