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I've heard so many good things about Burly Burger and I've driven by dozens of times and every time I tell myself I need to go check it out. But you know how life is. Well one day I saw a video on their instagram feed about their one year anniversary and I was like "whoa, ok, enough is enough, no more excuses, I'm going to get myself a Burly Burger once and for all!"

You guys! I have to say two things. Number one, it was worth the wait. Number two, I wish I had gone sooner. People drive from ALL OVER to eat here. Ok, maybe that is because they are in South Weber and there is literally nothing in South Weber, or maybe it's because these burgers are so good that people are driving from all over the Wasatch front to eat one. 

The decor was awesome.

Loved this!

I was lucky enough to meet Brad, the master mind behind Burly Burger. Go read their menu, they had me at the Tommy Boy references. "Tommy Likey, Tommy want wingy". I mean, how could I not order the Farley after reading that? P.S. It was good. I mean, really good.

They thought of every detail from the tool boxes, to the over the top shakes, and burgers!

Did I mention, "over the top"?

And lets not forget the fried cheese curds made here locally.

We gave the Duke 2 thumbs up. 

And I'll definitely be getting the Farley again. 

I forgot to order fries. Don't worry, I helped my sister eat her's (because I'm super nice like that). DO NOT forget to order fries! They were so good. I'm kind of a fry snob, I think I need to write a post just about the best fries in Utah. Burly Burger is in the top 10!

Whether for date night or dinner with the fam, they have a kids menu, the price point is spot on, the atmosphere is totally rocking my vibe, service was top notch, and the food was AMAZING!

Like the hat says, I hope we can all "Make America Burly Again"!


Please tell us what your favorite Burly Burger is. I'm going to have a hard time straying from that Farley and Duke, but I'm up for the challenge to branch out and try another fave.


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