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We tried out the BSA Rope Course last weekend for our free R.A.M.P. adventure in Weber county.

If you don't know what R.A.M.P. is, check out our post HERE.

We went around 11 and there was never more than one person ahead of us for each challenge. 

Dan and I tried climbing a telephone pole and jumping off. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty scary.

To free fall jump with nothing to hold onto takes guts. 

While we were doing our thing, the kids waited in line to rock climb. The BSA staff was very helpful and got they kids in the harness and helmets.

The kids(4-10yrs) got to go up twice before they had to go back and get in line again. 

They were able to climb several times while we were there.

I'm 5'2", so it was a bit of a stretch to climb some of the courses. Definitely a workout, but way fun.

Kids over 12 and adults can do the rope and climbing courses. There were 4 open the day we were there.

Locke and Riz's shirts are from Brassy Apple's T-shirt line! She's a local blogger, check it out!

Kids under 12 can rock climb, but you have to be over 40 lbs. Riz and Ela (4yrs) were not quite heavy enough, so they needed a parent to assist. 

Once they go to arms length, we had to pull them back down, otherwise we would have had to climb up and retrieve them.

The kids loved and we loved it! Win for the whole family!


We will definitely be back again on the next R.A.M.P. day.

Stephanie's shirt is from this Etsy shop, because you know us, we love UTAH. 

10 am - 4 pm
Entrance Fee(s)
Normal Season Fees
$7.50 per person per course (High/Low)
Helpful Tips

Wear good shoes
If you have littles that are too small to climb, one parent can sit on the hill or bowery and you can trade off.
Eat a hearty meal before you go or pack a lunch, it's harder than it looks.
Sun Block
Drinking fountain
Bowery with tables 

During R.A.M.P. everything is open, so all the activities are available. Otherwise, pricing is as follows.


Low Course $7.50 per person for 2 hours. Nothing is above 3'. Kids must be at least 7 or 8 (to truly understand and able to do all activities, like knot tying etc.) If they are under 11 they can do the rock wall. 

High Course: $7.50 person for 2 hours, at least 12 years, normally 14 years for boy scout activities.

You must complete the low course before high course. Plan on at least a 4 hour block, or you can split it into two days. 

MJ Snider Sat, 05/21/2016 - 11:52

It's nice to know this place actually exists, but when I search via maps or google map I get a nice random street with nothing there. Is this place at the same location at the Trapper Trails Council/Store Location?

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