Brigham City Day Guide

Brigham City Roundup is finally here! You might have seen our adventures on Instagram and Facebook, but we thought to put it all into one post for you here.

Here's the Instagram/Facebook video we made of the day.

And here's what we did that day!

Storm Bowling
165 S 800 W

Visit Apple Creek Bulk Food Co.
875 N. Main St, Willard


We grabbed some sandwiches and treats! Watch the video for more details. It's a fun stop along the way. Think Lucky Charms cereal without the cereal and just the marshmallows.

Mantua Poppy Fields (Hurry!)

I don't think these are really in full bloom anymore, but this is one you'll want to add to your bucket list for next year!

Little Valley Country Store & Campground
130 N Main St, Mantua

Get 25 cent ice cream cones! They aren't just baby sized either! Also, we saw one of the most delicious burgers ever there...we are going back.

Fish and Play at Rees Pioneer Park
800 W Forest St, Brigham City

We didn’t catch fish, but the kids liked finding dead crawdads.

We were all a little too hot to go play at the playground, which looked like it was in full sun that day.

Brigham City Depot
833 W Forest St, Brigham City, UT

We found this little gem by accident. If your kids are train lovers, be sure to stop by this free entertainment!

Oh, don't forget about Peach City! 

Go the extra mile and hit Crystal Hot Springs! 

Golden Spike Monument


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