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It’s not often that you’ll see the Salt Project on a ski mountain, if ever! Stephanie and I aren’t super snow people, maybe it’s because we didn't grow up skiing or snowboarding, but if there’s one winter sport we love, it’s Tubing! So when Visit Cedar City sponsored a trip to Brian Head Resort for tubing, we were all for it! 

Brian Head Resort is just 45 minutes outside of Cedar City. We went biking in the morning and then headed up the snowy resort. Tubing at Brian Head is for ages 4 and up! So we were able to take 5 of the oldest kids. Little Orion was the youngest being 5, but he literally spent most of his time tubing by himself.

He’d climb onto the magic carpet and pull his tube all by himself. I’ll admit, he did set off the alarm on the magic carpet because he sometimes had a hard time getting the tube off the carpet. 

We totally couldn’t keep up with him! For the kids 50 pounds and under they could only tube in the first lane, but it was super nice because there was somebody working the lane just to help the little kids get in their tubes.

We decided the first lanes next to the kid's lanes was the fastest. We spent an hour and a half tubing and I bet we went 10 times and that included a potty break. While we dressed the kids super warm, we still broke into a sweat when the sun came out. At 10,000 + elevation Brian Head Resort boast that they stay open the LONGEST out of all the different Resorts in Utah!

It was SUPER fun. Be sure to check out our post about the Last Chair Saloon (THOSE FRIED PICKLE SPEARS) at Big Steps Lodge next! 

The Salt Project
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Reservations Required!
Entrance Fee(s)
See Website
Helpful Tips
  • Be sure only to go when instructed.
  • No ski boots.
  • No pets.
  • No double riders or tube chains.
  • Children ages 3 and under are not permitted.
  • Children 50 pounds and under will ride alone inside their tube and must be accompanied and assisted at all times by a ticketed adult in a separate tube (and separate lane).
  • Tubers over 50 pounds will ride on their bellies and use their feet to control their speed. Sturdy footwear with good traction is recommended.
  • Bathrooms located at the Lodge. Take those kids BEFORE getting in their snowsuits!
  • Wear sunscreen! 
  • Wear Layers. 
  • I saw some people wearing backpacks while sledding.
  • Bring sunglasses, helps with the glare and sunburning eyes. 

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