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My kids are really into books. Except for when they aren't. My little Orion (2.5) will let you know if he doesn't like a book, by ripping it to pieces. Honestly, he knows better. It's kind of infuriating. Books are one of my favorite things in the world. I read a lot, I always have. My kids know they don't touch "Mama's Books."

So when BookRoo reached out to tell us about their book memberships, I knew my kids (even thought they are young) would be pretty dang excited.

We've recently moved and are remodeling the upstairs, so we live in a small basement with very little natural lighting. It's been kind of discouraging, especially now that the winter months have set in. But a few weeks ago when it was almost 60 degrees in November I took the kids to the park. The park may have been wet, but that didn't stop us. We wiped off the slides and made sure the park felt loved! (Even though it's winter, don't give up on the parks, just dress warm and take the kids, they'll love it.)

Our BookRoo package had just arrived and since we had a short break we decided to open it. The kids are starting to realize good things come from small packages.

BookRoo is a monthly book subscription, based right out of Utah! I feel like this would be an awesome gift (hint, hint grandparents and parents alike.)

Inside were two books wrapped up in Christmas paper.

The kids were very intent on the unwrapping.

I was worried that the books would be a little too old for them, but they LOVED them.

We read Catch That Cookie & Edmund Unravels. Both are excellent books with awesome illustrations. My kids have been talking about Gingerbread Men non-stop for a week now.

Somehow Aiko and Orion have specified which book is "theirs." Orion carries around his "gingerbread book" and asks for it every night. Aiko talks about her "ball book" and loves looking at the photos.

There's something about toddlers reading giant books.

Aiko loved her book so much she kept hugging it.


Use "ThePROJ" to get $10 off your own subscription!

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